Omicron impact in Karnataka No need to fear or panic in Tamil Nadu says Minister Ma Subramanian | Omegron impact in Karnataka .. There is no need to fear or panic in Tamil Nadu

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“We do not need to be nervous or scared because of the omega-3 virus outbreak in Karnataka,” said Minister of State for People’s Welfare Ma Subramanian.

Tamil Nadu People’s Welfare Minister Ma Subramaniam inspected the Coimbatore airport today. Omicron met with reporters at the airport premises after inspecting the arrangements made for the virus prevention.

He said that before the name ‘Omigron Virus’ was coined, it was discussed how to deal with people coming from South Africa with the flu, after which the flu was named ‘Omigron’. He said more than 300 people in more than 30 countries around the world have been infected with the omega-3 virus, and two have now been reported in Bangalore.

He said that Mass Screening equipment has been installed at 4 international airports in Tamil Nadu to detect infections through RPPCR. He said they would be evacuated and passengers would not be sent home if an infection was found.

He said those from high risk countries should be isolated for 7 days, adding that they were being monitored and random RTPCR testing was being carried out at 4 international airports. He also said that free RTPCR testing is being done on behalf of the government if the passengers are in a very poor condition. So far, samples of 1,807 people from abroad have been collected at 4 international airports, none of which have been affected, he said.

He said there was no Omicron impact in Tamil Nadu and there was no need for us to be nervous or fearful as the Omicron impact was coming to Karnataka.

Omegron virus enters India … 2 infected

He said the virus continues to evolve into many strains following the corona, adding that a genetic testing center has been set up to detect these. He said the government had been hit by the Delta virus, which had caused the most damage, and that the government could easily deal with the Omigron virus.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

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