Omicron in Karnataka; Health Minister urges vigilance

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Thiruvananthapuram | Health Minister Veena George has called on everyone to be extra vigilant as the highly contagious variant Omicron has been confirmed in the neighboring state of Karnataka. The state has intensified preparatory activities. He said health workers, local bodies, police and the district administration would work together.

Tests are mandatory for those from high-risk countries. According to the central guidelines, those coming from risk countries get 7 days of quarantine and 7 days of self-monitoring. About 2% of those coming from non-native countries will be screened. Those who are negative about them have 14 days of self-monitoring. If positive, they will be transferred to specially prepared wards in the hospital.

The main defense is to get the vaccine. Basic safety measures should be followed as well. Omicron has not yet been identified in the genetic stratification test of those who came to the state from risk countries. A team of health workers at the airport will assist the passengers.

Because it has a much larger spread capacity than the Delta variant, more people may need hospital treatment if they are infected with Omicron. We must be careful that such a situation does not arise. The state has always tried to prevent the rapid spread of the disease.

Vaccination is expected to provide immunity. In the state, 96.3 per cent have been given the first dose and 65.8 per cent have been given the second dose. The minister also said that proper wearing of masks, maintaining social distance and regular hand hygiene with soap and sanitizer should be strengthened.


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