Omicron: Omicron in Karnataka? Look at the country, the result of the test soon

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Bengaluru, First Published Nov 30, 2021, 12:52 AM IST

Bangalore: The test results of a South African national suspected to be Omikron in Karnataka will be released soon. Following the suspicion, Karnataka had given the sample to ICMR. Initial testing revealed a different variant from the Delta virus. On the 20th of this month, a 63-year-old South African arrived in Bangalore. Kovid also confirmed that another South African national who was with him was infected with the Delta virus.

All those who came in contact with the South African were quarantined. Their samples will be sent for testing today. Strict checks, including at airports. At the same time, India came to the aid of Africa in the face of the spread of the Kovid variant Omikron. India has offered assistance, including medicine, to African countries.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it would provide assistance including life-saving medicines, test kits and ventilators. In addition, India has offered to co-operate in gene study and research. Meanwhile, Kovid, who arrived in Mumbai from South Africa, confirmed that the Dombivali native has no symptoms at present. His sap, which is in the quarantine center in Kalyan, has been sent to the genome sequencing.

In Mumbai alone, 99 people from countries where Omicron has been confirmed are under surveillance. The Prime Minister reiterated that caution should be exercised in the face of reports that Omicron has six times more diffusion capacity than the Delta variant. Following the issuance of the guidelines, the Ministry of Health has directed the states to tighten the seal check at airports. After the meeting, the Delhi government informed the Center that it was ready to face any situation.

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