Omicron subspecies BA.4 causes another surge of coronavirus in South Africa

The CNBC website reported that public health expert Salim Abdul Karim. University of KwaZulu-Natal, former advisorcoping with covid-19 of the governmentSouth Africa said the number of infectedCovid-19 in South Africa has decreased since February, but nowOmikronThe subspecies, known by scientists as BA.4, have caused the number of infections to rise sharply since last week. But there was a slight increase in hospital admissions and no additional deaths.

Number of people infected with COVID-19 The daily figure was now over 6,000, up from just a few hundred a few weeks ago. The proportion of infected people rose from 4% in mid-April to 19 percent as of April 28. The results of effluent tests suggest more.covid spreadmore

Although the new species quickly became dominant over the parent omikron and others, Abdul Karim said it was too early to say. BA.4 causing a whole new wave of outbreaks

Still, the new species is interesting becauseOmikronThe first species foundSouth Africaand Botswana in November 2021 before spreading around the world. This is in line with Ms. Helen Reese, Executive Director of the Institute of Reproductive Health and HIV. The University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg said children were the first to be hospitalized as when the original omikron sprang.

Experts say BA.4 appears to be more addictive than the original strain and strain. BA.2 However, further studies of the World Health Organization report are needed. (WHO) It indicates that BA.4 causes no more severe illness than previous strains.

Abdul Karim also said that South Africa had just had a big event with large numbers of people gathering. Easter, Ramadan, Passover Holidays including the massive flooding of the coastal city of Durban These could be the reason why the infection is skyrocketing right now.

“BA.4 appears in other countries too. But it is still unknown whether it will become the main species in the world or not.” experts say


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