Omicron variant … Joe Biden administration bans travel to 8 African countries

by time news

The United States has banned travel to eight African countries due to the threatening new corona variant Omicron infection.

It has been announced that the ban will come into effect from Monday. Scientists have pointed out that this Omicron corona variant, first found in Boswana, South Africa, is many times more potent than the delta variant previously found in India.

In this situation, European, American and Asian countries are taking rapid action. Passengers are banned from 8 African countries, including South Africa, Boswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi.

The U.S. administration, however, has stated categorically that U.S. citizens and those with a permanent residence permit can enter the United States, but the rest will not be allowed into the country.

The World Health Organization, which named the new variant on Friday, has officially classified it as a cause for concern.

The British government has already canceled certain flights. European countries are also taking rapid action.

In the United States, 40 percent of the population is still unvaccinated. In addition, Pfizer and Moderna have announced that they will be adapting their vaccines to the new variant.


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