Omnispace and Lockheed Martin study 5G network from space

Rome, March 24 (

Omnispace and Lockheed Martin have announced that they have entered into a strategic interest agreement to explore the joint development of 5G capabilities from space. There non-terrestrial network (Ntn) based on 5G global standards proposal “would offer ubiquitous communications around the world to commercial, corporate and government devices. This type of network has the potential to redefine mobile communications, for the benefit of users who require real mobility, regardless of the environment or location “explains Omnibus on its official website. Omnispace’s vision is “a global network” that will combine the reach of a constellation of satellites in non-geostationary orbit with the capacity of the world’s leading wireless mobile phone networks. This Ntn 5G will leverage the company’s priority 2 GHz S-band spectrum rights and use standards
3GPP to allow direct connectivity and interoperability to the device. In collaboration with Lockheed Martin, this hybrid 5G network would provide the coverage and capacity to support essential applications that require uninterrupted, reliable global communications. “Omnispace is fully committed to the vision of creating a new global communication platform which powers 5G connectivity directly to mobile devices from space, “said Ram Viswanathan, president and CEO of Omnispace.

We welcome Lockheed Martin’s holistic approach to complex systems and deep expertise in satellite technology and in government markets, along with their commitment to creating innovative communication solutions “added the CEO of Omnispace. The Washington-based provider who wants to” reinvent global connectivity “explains that “global and seamless 5G connectivity, has a wide range of civil and commercial applications. It also offers the coverage and capability to support defense, government and military use, including joint mobile interoperable communications for all domains. “

“We share a common vision with Omnispace of a space-based global 5G network which would allow users to seamlessly switch between satellite and terrestrial networks, eliminating the need for multiple devices on multiple networks, “said Rick Ambrose, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Space.” Ultimately – he added – it’s about providing end users low-latency connections that work everywhere. This step forward has the potential to overturn space-based mobility. “Through a shared vision to” redefine mobile communications for the 21st century, “Omnispace and Lockheed Martin recall that” they are collaborating to deliver a potential global 5G solution from space “e “this would be the first truly dual 5G platform for commercial and government missions “.


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