For Easter, Laterza’s cycle of “History Lessons” – this year dedicated to “The taking of power” – has a special event scheduled. Sunday 4 April at 6 pm live on the Facebook and YouTube pages of Editori Laterza and Facebook and YouTube of the Auditorium Parco della Musica it will be possible to attend the meeting on «The power of women». With the exception of Agrippina, who knew how to exercise power through men, many real or imaginary figures of power are men: Zeus, Mohammed II, Cortés, Montezuma, Robespierre, Garibaldi, Mazzini, Mao, from Nasser to Fidel Castro (also them among the protagonists of the cycle that continues until May 16). Power – at least political and governmental power – has been for centuries and still remains largely in the hands of men today. Or maybe not?

From the Petrassi hall of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, in the special event of April 4, to reflect on the multiform relationship of women with power, yesterday as today, will be Eva Cantarella, jurist and historian of antiquity author of The deceptions of Pandora. The origin of gender discrimination in ancient Greece (Feltrinelli), and the journalists Alessandra Sardoni (her the volume Irresponsible. Italian power and the claim of innocence, Rizzoli) and Jennifer Guerra (The electric body. Desire in the feminism to come, Tlön). Moderated by Paolo di Paolo. The live broadcast can also be followed on the Facebook profiles of the theaters involved in the “History Lessons” (Teatro Carcano in Milan; Teatro Regio in Turin; Teatro Grande in Brescia; Teatro Bellini in Naples; Teatro Verdi in Florence; Teatro Stabile del Veneto; Emilia Romagna Theater Foundation).

The next appointment with the “History Lessons” instead, as scheduled, Sunday 11 April on the platform (where tickets can be purchased), with the historian Luigi Mascilli Migliorini from the Bellini Theater in Naples on «Cortés contro Montezuma». The itinerant initiative is co-produced by the Laterza Publishers with the Musica per Roma Foundation.

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