Time.news – The government will not accept discrimination on the part of Europe on the Alitalia affair and will work to minimize the inconvenience of the company’s employees. This was assured by the Minister of Transport Enrico Giovannini after the green light of the EU for the recapitalization of 4 billion for Air France and on the day in which Alitalia received the expected Covid restitutions and can therefore proceed with the payment of salaries in March.

“We have a very intense dialogue and negotiation with the European Commission on the new industrial plan of Ita and it is on various aspects. It is clear that we cannot accept an inequality of treatment by the EU compared to Air France o Lufthansa, knowing however that the conditions of the three companies are very different “, says Giovannini.

“Air France and Lufthansa – he explains – had sound budgets and were highly competitive before the pandemic, Alitalia was already in trouble and Brussels knows this very well ”.

On the Alitalia affair “ours commitment is maximum“, adds the minister.” Also with regard to the issue of social hardship next to me, there are Franco and Giorgetti and Minister Orlando is also involved to imagine solutions that minimize inconvenience for workers “, he concludes.

Meanwhile, the arrival of Covid refreshments allows Alitalia to pay the remaining 50% of March salaries. This is what the extraordinary commissioners affirm in an internal communication to employees.

We inform you that, following the accreditation of the refreshments deemed adequate by the European Commission in relation to the damage from Covid suffered in the months of November and December 2020, we are able to proceed with the payment of the remaining 50% of the March salaries, which you will receive with value tomorrow, April 8, 2021 “, they write Gabriele Fava, Giuseppe Leogrande and Daniele Santosuosso.


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