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There are private nations that now compete with nations proper, global companies so rich and powerful that they reshape geopolitics. They are the oil companies, the IT and digital brands, the super-banks, the pharmaceutical giants. And they design a revolution, as Danilo Taino tells in the text that opens the new issue of “La Lettura”, # 487, previewed from Saturday 27 in the App preview in the App for smartphones and tablets, downloadable from the App Store and Google Play, and in the web browser; from Sunday 21 on newsstands with the «Corriere». A conversation, on the other hand, closes the supplement: it is entrusted to Claudio Magris who converses with the leader of an admittedly outdated political group, Marco Rizzo of the Communist Party, of which he has been secretary since 2009: figures who are ideologically distant but united in observing the fragility of idea of ​​”left”.

The cover of the Georgian artist Eteri Chkadua for «la Lettura» # 487

In addition to the new issue of the supplement, the App of “la Lettura”, distinct from that of the “Corriere” (in which the cultural insert is already available from Saturday), every morning offers the Theme of the Day, an extra digital focus only: an in-depth interview, a preview, also through multimedia contents. Saturday 27 March is the incipit de Arsenio Lupine’s last love by Maurice Leblanc. The book was written in 1936-1937, found by chance and published in France in 2012. In Italy it comes out on March 30 for Piemme. Jessica Chia writes about it in the supplement # 487 on newsstands and App.

The archive of all the issues of the supplement is also accessible from the «la Lettura» App from 2011 to today: about 25 thousand articles that can be explored with an advanced search engine by date, theme, author and specific categories of content (visual data, graphic novel, artist covers, rankings). Those who wish also receive notifications from the editorial staff. And the weekly newsletter of the insert, which arrives via email on Friday (you can also subscribe from here), and which subscribers can also reach via the web in the following week. The price of the subscription to the “la Lettura” App is € 3.99 per month or € 39.99 per year, with one week free. Furthermore, for those who subscribe, all the contents of the App can also be reached from the desktop, starting from the page abbonamenti.time.news (from which it is also possible to start the subscription). The App can also be given as a gift by purchasing a Gift Card in Librerie.coop or from this page.

Returning to the new issue: «La Lettura» continues with a reflection on the 1920s of this century and of the twentieth century: Alessia Rastelli talks about it with Alec Ross, former consultant of Hillary Clinton, while on the subject Antonio Carioti leads a conversation between the writer Paolo Di Paolo and the historians Marcello Flores and Adriano Prosperi. Another Italian author, Marco Balzano, converses with one of the most important writers of the Anglo-Saxon world, Elizabeth Strout, starting with the “non-heroes” of their books (the article is by Annachiara Sacchi). Finally, among the many contents, the 50th anniversary of the death of a musical giant of the twentieth century, Igor Stravinskij: Helmut Failoni, the conductor Riccardo Chailly and the jazz player Uri Caine write about it.

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