On Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of 9 April: Via Conte for 1 task force: Draghi makes 3. Continuity

COVID-19. The press conference

Draghi worried about vaccines: “The priority goes to the elderly”

Plan. The prime minister sees Salvini, but blinds Speranza: “I respect him”. Gaffe on psychologists and confrontation with Turkey

of Wanda Marra

But who does he have it with? of Marco Travaglio

Unlike Michela Murgia, who is frightened by it, I must confess that Comm. Str. Gen. C. Arm. FP Figliuolo is not scary: it makes you laugh. More than a coup general, he reminds me of a generic stand-up comedian. I know there is nothing to laugh about, being the Man who, to the sound of “turns”, “blitz”, “raid”, “plans”, […]

“Wake up my love”

Ex Ilva, fired a worker who invited to see the fiction

Arcelor seeks confrontation

of F.Ca.
He folder

The Astrazeneca bomb on the Son plane

The disheartened vaccine. THE, there are those who say no. The twists and turns on the serum will weigh on the vaccination campaign, but the general and commissioner insists: “Soon 500,000 doses a day”

of Natascia Ronchetti
The jab

Vezzali appoints Giorgetti’s shadow man to Sport

When Valentina Vezzali was chosen as Undersecretary for Sport, the last box of the Draghi government, apparently marginal yet so difficult to fill, everyone wondered who the champion, former Montian deputy and Berlusconian groupie belonged to politically (her advance to the premier a Porta a Porta), which has been out of the loop for years […]

of Lorenzo Vendemiale
The interview. Don Virginio Colmegna

“Non-ecological transition: Cingolani on the same road”

Not just green. “The minister perpetuates the misunderstanding: environmentalism is not a technical-economic fact, nature is not a resource to be exploited”

of Elisabetta Ambrosi

He calls a hanger and wants an anti-5S “dwarf”

In Turin, the former president still dictates the law

of Ettore Boffano


Truth, art and media

When you discover a “Caravaggio”

“Ecce Homo”. The chorus of specialists who have seen the work seems unanimously enthusiastic. One thing is also clear from the photographs available: its structure is typically Caravaggesque

of Tomaso Montanari



Rafale Papers: the hunts for India and the scandal that embarrasses the Elysée

Presidents, ministers and businessmen, Anti-corruption finds the trail but then files: “Better protect the interest of France”

of Luana De Micco


The best. What does it foresee

The Recovery “bis”, all waivers and triple task forces

The recovery plan task force goes into three. Prime Minister Mario Draghi explained this yesterday during the meeting with the Regions. And since it will triple, it is “out of the question” that the number of employees, officials, consultants who will have to take home the National Reconstruction and Resilience Plan will also triple. That […]

of Salvatore Cannavò
April dl

To reopen “before” another decree is needed

Originally it was supposed to be a “sop” to be granted to Matteo Salvini in order not to make barricades in the Council of Ministers. But now that incident included in the April decree risks turning into a boomerang for the Draghi government. Both because many jurists attack the executive and in this way full powers are guaranteed on the anti Covid rules, […]

of Giacomo Salvini

Armchairs. Orlando puts the faithful Martella at work

He will collect 72 thousand euros a year as an expert for the Minister of Labor, but in his curriculum all bread & politics has zero titles. Andrea Martella has just had to dislodge from the post of Undersecretary for Publishing but has not been left on foot. Why Andrea Orlando (of which he was coordinator of the motion in the 2017 primaries for the secretariat of […]

of Ilaria Proietti



“Did you then steal your RSA masks, mayor?”

Under house arrest. Nino Nucera arrested

of Davide Milosa

Pd recruitment in the Lazio Region: now the carabinieri are investigating. Off to the interrogations

The Public Prosecutor of Civitavecchia authorized the Carabinieri to start an investigation phase to collect material and testimonies on the recruitment of Pd leaders and militants in the Lazio Region. At a later stage, the magistrates will decide whether to open a dossier for forgery, transfer the dossier to colleagues in Rome or archive. As far as Il […]

of Vincenzo Bisbiglia
“Cancer magistrates”

Salvini acquitted for this time: “He only spoke for a minute”

The insults against the judiciary pronounced by Matteo Salvini at a rally in Collegno (Turin) on February 14, 2016 lasted “about one minute”, out of a total of 14 minutes of intervention. Also for this reason, considered “significant”, the leader of the Northern League was acquitted of the crime of insulting the judicial order for the “particular tenuousness of the fact”. The […]

of Elisa Sola


Global minimum tax

Taxes to the giants, the US turnaround risks making only Biden happy

The appeal. The new tax rate on multinationals’ foreign profits

of Nicola Borzi
The Atlantia case

The funds enlist Perez to wage war on Cdp on Autostrade

The government’s choice to “punish” – so to speak – financially Atlantia for the Morandi bridge disaster is transforming the clash with the holding company that controls Autostrade per l’Italia into a no-holds-barred war with shareholder hedge funds (the Benetton, in fact, control “only” 30% of the capital). This last […]

of Cdf
Unlock construction sites

“Quick tenders, but the code remains”

Infrastructure Minister Giovannini: decree soon

of Virginia Della Sala


You usually suspect. The former Sisde

“Gelli could have been captured The head of the Services stopped everything”

“It was 84, but Parisi had my source arrested”

of Simona Zecchi

“Three former terrorists have already been prescribed, that’s enough: extradite the other 10 to Italy”

Mitterrand doctrine, on political refugees

of Antonella Mascali


northern Ireland

Unionists burn buses. It’s a message for BoJo

The Time.news of the new wave of violence in Northern Ireland is highly symbolic, because it is intertwined with recurrences and historical sites of the civil war between unionists and republicans that has rocked Ulster for decades, from 1968 to the 1998 peace accords. Easter Friday, the anniversary of those agreements, when about 300 […]

of Sabrina Provenzani
United States

Stop the guns, try it again Joe

Restrictions. Marginal measures, important laws remain blocked in Congress

of Giampiero Gramaglia


On show

From Sorrentino to Moretti: cinema stopped in 2001

Twenty years ago as today: the same Italian directors and Barbera, eternal patron of the Lagoon, are present in Cannes and Venice. While Muccino is at war with David

of Federico Pontiggia

The newsstand article on the Fatto Quotidiano of 9 April: Via Conte for 1 task force: Draghi makes 3. Continuity comes from Il Fatto Quotidiano.


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