On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 10 July: Stillborn Trials. Davigo: “It’s amnesty”

New Salvaladri – Rubble M5S

Conte and Bonafede furious: “The Italian anomaly is back”

Giuseppe Conte speaks of the “return to an Italian anomaly”. Alfonso Bonafede, who put his face on the sweeping law, accuses the ministers of having “objectively watered down a battle that lasted ten years”. The reactions to the green light of the M5S ministers to the justice reform of Marta Cartabia suggest that the issue is identity, even more than […]

The appointments

Fuortes and Soldi at the top of Rai. Pd and Iv wave to Draghi

Viale Mazzini – The number 1 of the Rome Opera indicated as Ad, the former Discovery (who bought Renzi’s documentary) in place of Foa

Covid-19 – Fourth wave in sight

Alarm for young outbreaks outdoors. Brusaferro: “Vaccines, hurry up”

Other than summer – From Gargano to Rome, clusters for parties and evenings. Rezza: “Tougher measures for returns from Spain”


Renzi to the assault of the Rdc. But the data promotes it

The study – For INAP it is necessary against poverty

Tempio Pausania

Grillo Jr, the war of chats. S. to his friend: ‘They used me’

Sexual violence – Ciro & C .: yesterday the first preliminary hearing, in November the possible indictment. And the Cartabia reform is looming


Cues, birds and spells: Alvise, what a bad night!

Spoleto Festival – Casellati’s son has “out of tune” on the podium

Things our – The new book published by PaperFirst

State and massacres, the seven truths of the “Mr. Wolf ”by Totò Riina

The plots of men of the British, American, Arab and Italian services on the eve of the season of the massacres to drive Falcone from Sicily and then eliminate him in ’92. The hidden complicity of the Cosa Nostra with circles of paramilitary apparatuses, Freemasons and Piduists. The journey from Friuli to Sicily driving a truck loaded with weapons […]

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of Giuseppe Lo Bianco and Sandra Rizza


The former premier warns: “All this confirms the risks of the diarchy”

The negotiation – No break with the founder

The turnaround

Grillo’s diktats and Draghi’s wrath. Thus the 5S have betrayed the elect

Dietrofront – Abstention passes during the meeting, then the guarantor calls the ministers

of ldc and l.giar.

Not received

Timid reaction for the Anm: Silvio’s times are far away

There are no longer the times of Silvio Berlusconi Prime Minister, when the National Association of Magistrates, in real time, raised the barricades of law against punitive reform projects for the judiciary and against ad personam laws in real time. From the Anm junta until last night in silence on the reform approved by the government […]

of a.male.

Europeans – Between Coverciano and London

Four positive Rai: the national team locks itself up and loses the commentator

Earthquake from Covid in the Rai home and more than a few fears of possible contagions in the Azzurri retreat in Coverciano, so much the press conference of the Azzurri, this time it was the turn of the vice-captain Leonardo Bonucci, scheduled in attendance, took place only online, and all the the blue technical center of the FIGC was armored: yesterday he did not enter […]

The analysis

The virus now regains strength: new closures inevitable

Infections in Italy return to rise: + 30% in the last week, a substantial increase that occurs after 15 weeks of decline in the epidemic curve. The positivity rate also increases: + 38% in the last seven days, which means that for the same number of swabs carried out, many more infected are detected. On the other hand, hospitalized people continue to drop […]

of Giorgio Sestili *

The long wave

Non-Covid healthcare stalled. Calabria is black jersey

Last year, during the first wave, even in the Regions marginally affected by the pandemic, there was a paralysis of services not related to Covid, without sparing the oncology area. The emergency has blown up over 45% of breast cancer surgeries in Calabria, 35.88% in Basilicata, over 25% in Molise, the […]

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of Natascia Ronchetti

Wild layoffs

Gkn closes and sends 422 workers home (via email)

Once the blockade is over, the number of companies that ignore the common notice signed by Confindustria and the unions and dismiss them has multiplied for days. Yesterday morning the most sensational case: the Gkn of Campi Bisenzio (Florence), which produces components for the automotive and aerospace sectors, decided to close and leave 422 employees at home. Also this […]

of Rob. Rot.

“Support bis”

From Dignity, comes the mini-patch

Amendment – The rule of the Conte-2 government is back, but until September 2022


“There is no Coviddi”: the father of Angela from Mondello among the crafty ones of the card

Among those accused of being a “crafty tag” in the Municipality of Palermo and in the subsidiaries Reset and Coime there is also Isidoro Chianello, 60, an employee of Reset. Chianello is the father of Angela, famous as “Angela da Mondello” for the phrase “there is no Coviddi” pronounced in an interview, which later became a catchphrase and a song […]

Accused of 2 rapes

Genovese case, the entrepreneur towards the trial

The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office closed the investigation against the web entrepreneur, Alberto Genovese, for the alleged sexual violence against an 18-year-old, on 10 October in Milan in his luxury penthouse “Terrazza sentimento”, and of a 23-year-old , on 10 July 2020 in Ibiza, after making them unconscious with a mix […]

In the Sostegni decree

Other amnesties and return to chicken coop classes: the backward steps of the school rules

The policy is do ut des: yesterday, in the Budget Commission in the Chamber, in the Sostegni bis, the Democratic Party obtained to widen the recruitment of precarious teachers to cover any vacant positions that there will be in September in exchange for the granting to the M5S of the vote on recruitments for teachers specialized in support. Still others […]

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The Taliban are in government. Mullah, mission to Moscow

The “students of God” in the Kremlin ensure that they control 85% of the territory: they have also taken the crossing with Iran


Murder Moïse: the commando of usual suspects with no motive

“The mission was to arrest the president as part of a judicial warrant, not to kill him”: this is the version of James Solages, 35, one of the two Americans arrested in Haiti for the murder of President Jovenel Moïse. The “death squad” that, on Wednesday, raided the presidential residence in Port-au-Prince and opened fire on Moïse […]

of luana de micco


Ukraine sanctions Viktor, the despot’s heir son

Clan Lukashenko – Kiev draws up a list of 52 senior officials, including KGB leaders who terrorize the opposition. The family favorite was also affected

of Michela AG Iaccarino

Farewell – Carrà’s funeral yesterday in the Capitol

Everyone has their own Raffa. Yellow flowers, songs and sequins

Raven black hair, athletic body despite the registry, white mask with sequins to hide a fiery red mouth, a solitary casqué, in his hands an old number of Gente and a black and white photocopy of a faded A3 size photo: “I was Raffaella’s double in La Corrida, which station are you from? ”. In […]

75th edition

Lidl shoes, “voices inside” and removals: a Witch to drink

Trevi wins hands down with “Due vite” and over 50 votes over Di Pietrantonio with “Borgo Sud”: a well-deserved but obvious prize; ceremony as sober as it is soporific

Berrettini is already in history: first Italian in the final at Wimbledon

Tennis – The blue has overtaken Hurkacz: tomorrow he will challenge Djokovic


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