On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 14 September: The sting. Electricity, gas and pasta + 247 euros per family if the government stands still

The other front

Drought and protectionism, grain skyrocketing

At the table. Down production, while China & C. they stock up: the price of bread and pasta destined to rise

Summer miracles

“Brunetta, darling”: Panucci doubles his salary

The former CEO of Confindustria. The allowance of the minister’s head of cabinet rises from 68 thousand euros to 124, for a total of 200 thousand euros per year

COVID-19. For whom the bell rings

The chicken coop classes are still crammed like sardines on buses

School has restarted. After a year and a half nothing has really changed: the students forced to travel-gathering

The dossier. What the INPS data say

The (removed) merits of the Citizenship Income

Before the RdC. He intervened on poverty, reduced the share of “working poor” by making those who had never had a job appear on the labor market

Trial to the secretary

“Salvini sbanda”: ​​the presidents Zaia & C. in the anti-Matthew chat

From Fedriga to Fontana: the Northern frond is spoken “in private”. The battle for the green certificate

Emergency. Delays like in 2020

Health, one out of 3 visits was lost in 1921: surgeons at the ministry

A study already reviewed and awaiting publication, conducted on over three thousand patients with colorectal cancer, indicates that between 2019 and 2020, i.e. before and after Covid-19, advanced-stage operated cancers, often with metastases , increased by 15%. Professor Mario signs it with other colleagues […]

In pairs

Agatha and Max electrocuted on the road to Damascus

Christie meets the young archaeologist Mallowan in the Middle East: it is love right away. She follows him in the excavations, also drawing inspiration for his thrillers

Palazzo Chigi. Upcoming troubles: tax authorities and competition

Draghi is calm: now Giorgetti guarantees on the Green pass

The extension of the green pass first of all. At Palazzo Chigi the objective is this: to arrive at the CDM on Thursday with the compulsory green certificate at least for all public workers, possibly also for those in the private sector. The will of Mario Draghi, however, clashes not only with the more technical reasons (ranging from fines to […]

A Capalbio

“Communists” and Cirinnà. Here is the last resort

No attack on radical chic this time. No mockery of the now ex-buen retiro of the so-called left intelligentsia with which he often loves to pepper his speeches. Because now in Capalbio he could also win and everything is broth. Indeed, acquacotta, given the place. Even if one teases, he doesn’t spare him. It’s the first one […]

Conflicts of Interest

Who does Ventura choose between Casellati and Rai?

In the end the bubo broke out and now the controversies risk in a blow to overwhelm the Rai and even Palazzo Madama. Which brings up Marco Ventura’s decision to accept the office of spokesperson for the President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, without giving up his post as leading author of Unomattina sulla rete […]

Negotiation process. Judgment coming and Silvio quotes Falcone

Only the quote from Giovanni Falcone was missing… now Silvio Berlusconi, often prevented by ailments of health regularly certified to attend courtrooms, will hardly be able to invent anything else. Two pages on Sunday in the family newspaper authoritatively directed by Augusto Minzolini re-launched in pieces yesterday on social networks to remind everyone that “guarantee is one of the […]

The interview – MassimO Galli

“With the Delta on the means: so you risk another Dad”

“It is difficult to think of not using the Dad with public transport combined in this way”. Massimo Galli, director of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan does not rest easy: “It seems they have not solved much”. Professor Galli, from North to South we see photos and videos of gatherings at public transport stops and buses and trains […]


Politics is asleep, voters are not: 220,000 signatures for the cannabis referendum

The counter of the referendum for the decriminalization of cannabis continues to gallop. In just 48 hours, more than 220,000 signatures were collected, an extraordinary success that makes it very likely that half a million will be reached by 30 September, the limit set by law for triggering popular initiative referendums. The number […]

Online voting on Thursday

5S guarantors: Raggi, Di Maio and Fico in the Grillo squad

Subscribers will vote on Thursday and it will be another step towards defining the new M5S. If the Statute approved in July was the result of Giuseppe Conte’s work, the next consultation will instead concern some bodies whose composition depends on the choices of Beppe Grillo. For the Guarantee Committee, a sort of counterpart to the […]

In Brescia and Cosenza

Violence alarm: two other women killed by their husbands

He caught up with her on the stairs and hit her several times with a knife. Paolo Vecchia, 52, waited for his ex-wife Giuseppina Di Luca, 46, yesterday morning to leave his house in Agnosine, in Valsabbia, in Bresciano, to go to work; then, around 7.40 am, he unleashed the deadly ambush. He hit her with about ten […]

Massacre of the Mottarone

Eitan brought back to Israel: his grandfather is under investigation for kidnapping. The grandmother: “Now she is in the hospital”

While the Pavia Public Prosecutor’s Office has investigated the maternal grandfather for the kidnapping of little Eitan – and is considering the possible participation of other family members in the blitz that took him on a private plane that took off from Lugano to Tel Aviv, as well as possible defaillance in controls – the branch of […]

I study

Hotels and restaurants: the ’empty seats’ are at the level of 2018

Surprise. The sofa effect does not exist

Post-crisis contracts

The recovery is there, but it is precarious: the “short term” the only ones to go up

The rebound of the Italian economy – which some call “miraculous” and someone else, more cautiously, “encouraging” – is bringing with it a new explosion of insecurity this time too. Between April and June 2021, Istat said, the number of employees grew by 338 thousand compared to the previous quarter. To drive the recovery of jobs, […]

The anticipation

Those trips of rubles and dollars: the novel of money in DC and PCI

Today in the bookshop “Il Tesoriere”

Trip to Templin

“Who cares about CDU or SPD: in Germany only Merkel counts”

In the city of the Chancellor they do not resign themselves to the end of their mandate: “You will stay another four years”

United States

September 11, Saudi track: now it’s not just fantasies

Fbi dossier. Ryad embassy official and wingman provided “meaningful” support to two hijackers, Royal House rejects accountability


Macron’s protege and his privileges

The Benalla affair Violence and intrigue, The former collaborator of the president on trial

Giorgio Strehler. An interview with himself

Little big theater “It is fragile and saves the world”

We anticipate excerpts from “Interview with myself” by Giorgio Strehler, published in the hall program of “The great magic” (1984-85), preserved in the Archivio of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan and in bookstores from today with De Piante Editore, prefaced by Claudio Longhi, current director of the Piccolo. On May 14, 1987, the Piccolo will celebrate its forty years […]


Genesis, ready for the farewell tour between the “ghost” of the former Peter Gabriel and the pains of Phil Collins

Starts September 20th from Birmingham


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