On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 18 July: “No to impunity”. Count challenges Draghi

The victims

Cartabia effect: four symbol-processes

Committees. The reactions

of curated by Marco Grasso

He folder

Party budgets, the accounts collapse

No more public funds. Donations halved for BE, entered at historic lows for the Democratic Party, the League floats. The employees pay: Il Carroccio had 71, now they are 15

of Valeria Pacelli and Stefano Vergine


“Vaccines protect 15% less against Delta”

The epidemic. Estimates from the Tor Vergata head physician and the first ascent of hospitalizations. Still stop on holidays outside the EU. Clash over possible restrictions and closures

Toghe. The investigation in Brescia

Davigo investigated (and bewildered) “The spread was not illegitimate”

Storari case and “apocryphal minutes”

Investigation in the Vatican

“So they made the crest on money to treat the children”

Rome, Olbia, Bangui: in the minutes new “shadows” on the money destined for pediatric hospitals. From the footballers’ fund to the Baglioni concert

Voices from Havana

“Prison and threats no longer stop us Cuba is now at the turning point”

Infiltrators, roundups and disappearances. Testimonies from the island that rebels: “UN and Pope do not leave us alone”

of Alessia Grossi and Massimo Pillera

Dirty football

The trafficking of baby footballers, between “phenomena” and poor men

From Africa to Europe, 15 thousand children

The distrust and the funds, the headquarters and the 2 symbols for the knockout of Rousseau

Each one can ask for the distrust of the other, “without delay”. And both, they can try to blow up the political and guarantee bodies appointed by the “rival”. Giuseppe Conte and Beppe Grillo sat down at the table to make peace, but both of them put the loaded gun on it. So, after five months of waiting, […]

of Pa.za.

The report

No sofa: reviewing the DRC serves the poorest and the North

The citizen’s income has just over two years of life. And never, like now, has it been under attack. Matteo Renzi wants to abrogate it via referendum, together with the center-right. Confindustria has never digested it. The Democratic Party, after having left the field to the M5S on the subject, struggles to defend it. Thus the largest anti-poverty measure of the […]

Salvaladri. The proof of parliament

Justice, the right now threatens: “No changes, the government risks”

Enrico Costa, a calendiano deputy who on justice is one of the parliamentary references of the guarantors pasdaran, goes so far as to disturb the military metaphors to define the state of the majority on the Cartabia reform, which from Monday will go live first in the Justice Committee in the Chamber and then in the classroom. Secondo Costa, a lawyer and former deputy minister of the […]


A fake green pass costs 50 euros

Counterfeiting. In Moscow, the new black market is that of vaccination certificates

of Michela AG Iaccarino

The new board of directors

To the former Ilva poisons on the adviser wanted by Invitalia

The timing and the internal war on the former Ilva, which today has become Acciaierie d’Italia after the birth of the joint venture between Invitalia and Arcelor Mittal, suggest that this is more of a rude than a procedural problem. We mean the “case” opened yesterday by a letter from the lawyer of the new group, Fabio Giuseppe Montin sent to […]

29 years since death

Unpublished purse: “The mafia? We need good politics “

To fight the mafia you need “good politics”, said Paolo Borsellino. At 16.58 on Monday, at the exact time of the attack in via D’Amelio on 19 July 1992, an unpublished audio of the judge’s intervention will be broadcast at a conference in the Palermo town hall in January 1989. Thus the “Dino Grammatico ”will commemorate the magistrate and the […]

Comic matters. Cinema gag

Flying suitcases, cakes and the lizard doing the strip-tease

With age, the famous Ruggero Ruggeri began to have memory lapses. In a scene where he entered with a rose in his hand, he had to smell it and say: “Ah, the sweet perfume of my beloved!” When he did, the whole crew burst out laughing. He had forgotten the rose. THE CINEMATOGRAPHIC GAGS GAGS ON THE FORM OF THE CONTENT […]


The great exodus from the Taliban regime has begun

The advance. While the militiamen conquer the country, thousands reach Turkey via Turkmenistan. The stories of the refugees at the borders


Spd-Cdu: the challenge of reconstruction

Flood. The catastrophe and the deaths could have been avoided, but politics makes promises

of Michela AG Iaccharine

The interview. Gianni Morandi

“The poker with Celentano, the dualism with Ranieri and Jovanotti’s ‘L’Allegria'”

After difficult months due to an accident he is back with a new song

On stage

Naive kings and cowardly giants: Lavia and Wilde’s “different ones”

On Tuesday the protagonist closes the “All Scene” review at the Proietti Globe Theater in Rome with the tales of the irregular and discriminated poet, like his heroes


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