On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 19 March: Giorgetti and Salvini divided on vaccines. Those are fighting too

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Sputnik vs J&J: the Salvini-Giorgetti “Iron Curtain”

Opposites – The Captain hears the Visegrad boys

of Giacomo Salvini

Friends of them Marco Travaglio

Ideas for Italian comedy. Title: Their friends. Episode 1. While the newspapers are celebrating Eni’s acquittal in Milan in the trial for the alleged bribes in Nigeria because “the fact does not exist”, after hiding Eni’s conviction in Potenza for illicit waste trafficking because the fact exists , Eni wants to negotiate 11 million in Milan […]

Covid-19 The third wave

“25 thrombosis out of 20 million vaccinated: Astrazeneca can restart immediately”

“Safe and effective” Ema’s new green light From 3 pm it also resumes in Italy, where there were only three suspected cases

of Fq
The visit

Dragons in Bergamo, tributes and controversies: “Enough catwalks”

One year later the trucks

of Lorenzo Giarelli
Parceled out

The fool on the Cts: via Gerli and the Inail case. Embarrassments for Greco

Leave the businessman dear to the league

of Ilaria Proietti
After 4 months

The delivery of the dl Sostegni: deadlock on files and dismissals

Aid – Discussion in the majority for the excerpt requested by Lega e M5S. I dem: “It is an amnesty”. Today he should go to CDM

of Pdr
The Refoundation

5S: Pec hypothesis to vote on Conte’s plan in April

The re-founder has a lot to do and above all to decide, but he is in no particular hurry. Giuseppe Conte wants to close his plan to change the face and structure of the Movement after Easter: perhaps even a little later, in the hope that in the meantime the Rousseau mange will be resolved in some way, possibly by others. Never […]

of Luca De Carolis
The decision of the Gup

Florence, money laundering for Africa. At the Conticini trial, Renzi’s brother-in-law

The decision came yesterday and only after an additional investigation ordered in October by the same Gup who ordered the indictment. The trial of the brothers Alessandro, Luca and Andrea Conticini, the first two accused of embezzlement and self-laundering, the third of money laundering, will begin on June 8 in Florence. […]

of VIII. Lur.
King of clinics

Domestic, private jets and newspapers: here is the “Angelucci system”

Finance – The world of the deputy, between appointments and family business

of Vincenzo Bisbiglia

Letta recycles government trumpets

Nazareno – The secretariat is a mix of currents, Zinga men and former ministers –

of Wanda Marra

Rays stronger: the negotiation with the dem only in the ballot

The mayor first in all polls

of RQuotidiano

“The landfill ran out of volume, the Region and Rome knew it”

The investigation – The largest plant in Europe in Monte Carnevale and political responsibilities

of Vincenzo Bisbiglia

Each in its own way. Regions in search of lost time

After the stop

of Natascia Ronchetti

The EU and vaccines: Lost bets and badly spent money

The temporary suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine has further slowed down the European immunization campaign, the troubled fate of which was already written months ago. Just analyze the numbers: dates and figures of investments in Covid vaccines. The other two main Western economies, equally affected by the pandemic, the US and the UK, have so far administered more than 34 respectively […]

of Stefano Valentino *
President Aifa

Palù: “Italy already has everything to produce each serum itself”

“This will not be the only pandemic. After Covid-19 we will see others. And then we will also have bacteria resistant to all antibiotics ”. The president of the Italian Medicines Agency, Giorgio Palù, heard yesterday together with the Aifa director general, Nicola Magrini, at the Chamber’s Social Affairs Commission, invites us to think about the future: “Italy – he said – is surrounded […]

of RQuotidiano
Whirlpool & C.

Mise, Giorgetti-style restoration: the Democratic Party wants crisis tables

The Northern League minister Giancarlo Giorgetti presented himself as the man of doing, able to represent artisans and small entrepreneurs. But a month after his inauguration at the Ministry of Economic Development, at least as regards the thorny issue of crisis tables, he made it clear that his only interlocutors are politicians. TO […]

of Patrizia De Rubertis
The investigation

Congo affair, Eni asks for a plea deal: maxi-fine of 11 million and lighter charges

Eni could exit the investigation of the Milan prosecutor’s office on its affairs in Congo with a plea deal. The lawyers Nadia Alecci and Nerio Diodá proposed it on March 15 to the prosecutor Paolo Storari, who gave his consent. Now to decide will be the investigating judge Sofia Fioretta. If he says yes, Eni will exit the investigation. The charge of […]

of G.B.
“Trani System”

He deterred investigations, carabiniere arrested

“After reporting a circumstantial and serious fact” he tried “in every way to escape from his responsibilities, creating an ever more intricate tangle of lies, slanders, omissions and falsehoods to cover up ‘original sin’ and ultimately remain trapped in it”. Thus the prosecutor of Potenza Francesco Curcio and the substitute Anna Gloria Piccininni described […]

of Francesco Casula

Euthanasia, secular victory in Spain

“It is a human law, very human and those who are already thinking of changing it will have to be able to gather the large majority that we have obtained both in the House and in the Senate and do not expect that in the meantime we will stand with our arms folded”. Maria Luisa Carcedo was the rapporteur for the euthanasia law […]

of Alessia Grossi
Come Forrest Gump

Putin slaps Biden: “I wish you good health”

United States – The Russian president replies from Crimea with a joke on the accusation of being a murderer by his American counterpart: “Whoever says so, knows he is”

of Giampiero Gramaglia

Sex, cinema and death. It was my father, Bergman

Linn Ullmann, “illegitimate and brat daughter”, tells the great director

of Federico Pontiggia

The Newspaper Article on the Fatto Quotidiano of March 19: Giorgetti and Salvini divided on vaccines. Those coming from Il Fatto Quotidiano are also fighting.

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