On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 29 March: On TV, the former premier appears in the F1 pits in Bahrain

In Barhein

Renzi leaves the lockdown for the red-Ferrari zone

Senator from F1: “The more they criticize me, the more I travel”

of Giampiero Calapà and Tommaso Rodano

But do me the pleasure of Marco Travaglio

Animal House. “Clamorous differences between Lombardy and Lazio? We don’t have wild boars… ”(Ignazio La Russa, FdI senator, on the vaccination campaign in his Lombardy, 23.3). Only the donkeys. Blue phone. “After vaccinating the last Lombard, I go back to the locker room and start being a grandfather again” (Guido Bertolaso, coordinator of the vaccination campaign for the Lombardy Region, […]

Crimes and globalization – The role of Italy

Nigerian mafia: crime is born in university classrooms

Trafficking in human beings, money laundering, drugs, exploitation of prostitution, violent crimes. The Nigerian mafia is a ferocious, in some ways trivial criminal organization. During the last twenty years, after having started quietly and in the shadow of the Italian criminal narrative, it has carved out its space on the world scene, also finding a sort of balance with organizations […]

of Pietro Mecarozzi

The study: “Rapid tests do not find variants” Now dominates the “English”

The antigenic tests are missing the variants, not the English or Brazilian ones concerning the Spike protein (S), but others, those of the N antigen, which thus risk spreading. It could have happened in Veneto in the so-called second wave which was particularly virulent there (7,000 deaths between October 2020 and February 2021) and accompanied by […]

of Alessandro Mantovani
Public funds

The recovery money arrives, but the law on lobbies is missing

1976 is the year of the Lockheed scandal, which involved the leaders of the institutions, and the one in which for the first time in Italy there was talk of regulating lobbying activities, of the so-called stakeholders who interface with politics to direct it towards the interests they represent, whether they are more or less useful […]

of Virginia Della Sala
The interview – Francesco Silvestri. Deputy and treasurer 5S

“Raggi cannot be touched, but in the 2nd round with the Pd the agreement can be made”

If the one between Pd and M5S will really be “a fascinating adventure”, as the secretary dem Enrico Letta defined it, it will be seen first of all at the yellow table on the Comunali, where Rome represents the main grain. And Francesco Silvestri, treasurer of the M5S in the Chamber, from Rome, knows the theme very well: “Finding an agreement with the dem […]

of Luca De Carolis
Pietre & Popolo – Art against the oligarchy

“An army of St. George (unarmed) to challenge the Dragon”

Last Thursday, Twitter blocked my account, for none other than “violation of the rules against explicit violence in the profile photo and adult content in profile pictures”, specifying that “explicit violence is considered any form of multimedia content that depicts blood. , related to death, serious injury, violence or surgical procedures ”. All […]

of Tomaso Montanari
Lucetta Scaraffia – Feminist, Catholic

“On the right women leaders, on the left only stickers. The horrible choice Dem “

Why are the leaders of right-wing groups often women? And why are there no personalities on the left so far able to hold their own? The interview with Lucetta Scaraffia, feminist before historian and journalist, begins with this curious disposition of gender differences in politics. “European governments have been in the riverbed for years […]

of Antonello Caporale
The interview – Lina Alhathloul

“Bin Salman is a dictator, feminists are in jail”

Loujain Alhathloul was in prison for nearly 3 years for defending Saudi women’s right to drive cars. On February 10, the young woman, 31, was released from prison and found her family. But it is not free. She is on parole for 3 years and has been banned from […]

of Rachida El Azzouzi
Race to the armchairs

Pd: after Madia-Serracchiani the war of currents starts again

The “Cencelli” applied to the various party groups

of Ilaria Proietti
The meeting

Refoundation for an anti-Dragons left

The proposal – The Secretary Acerbo with MEP Aubry, Montanari, Ovadia and De Magistris

of Giacomo Salvini
Souls – Governors don’t follow him

The League is confused: it says no to the decree, then Salvini thinks about it

The split in the League is also a matter of agenda. Giancarlo Giorgetti, the League’s soul in the Draghi government, has already put his stomach on the ground to work on the next refreshments for the activities that will remain closed also in April. As if to say: closures are now a fact. But Matteo Salvini, who would be Giorgetti’s […]

of Giacomo Salvini
Europe for the vaccinated

The passport will arrive in June. EU to save the summer

From June 15, a vaccination passport could be available in Europe that will allow greater freedom of movement to those who have obtained the vaccination against Covid-19. This was announced by the European Commissioner for Industry Thierry Breton interviewed in France by radio RTL, the TV station Lci and the newspaper Le Figaro. The vaccination “certificate” available a […]

of Fq

Do you know the latest?

Milan The ruling: there is no obligation to write the truth in self-certifications Wonderful news for those who happily give a damn about the pandemic, the prohibitions and the colored areas. A judge has established an important principle: when filling out a self-certification it is not necessary to write the truth. A 24 year old from Milan had ended up on trial because […]

of Tommaso Rodano
Other places

Russia. Suez, Moscow turns crisis into opportunity

The mega container Ever Givern that got sideways in the Suez Canal in recent days, caused a lot of headaches. Russia is among the major exporters of crude oil through the channel, and has been overwhelmed by this unexpected crisis. According to the Vortexa company, 546 pass through that communication channel […]

of Valerio Cattano

Check in power (to remind us who we are)

“Satyrs” on display in Milan. Those without horns though

of Stefano Drawings

The article on newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 29 March: On TV, in the F1 pits in Bahrain, the former prime minister comes from Il Fatto Quotidiano.


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