Investigations and resignations

A party with the politicians: scandal in San Marino

ASan Marino the constraints imposed by the laws are not the same for everyone. Or rather: whoever presents them and makes them approved can (happily) transgress them. Even when they concern the restrictive measures imposed by the pandemic. And in fact they were all very cheerful – many even drunk, some without a mask – the political exponents of the majority […]

of Natascia Ronchetti

The interview Sabrina Ferilli – The controversy on the TV series

“Fiction and the workers punished by Mittal: horned and beaten”

“The sanction against the workers of Taranto? The usual Italian game of cuckold and mazziato leaves me dismayed ”. Sabrina Ferilli was really impressed when she learned that some Arcelor Mittal employees have been suspended from the company for having associated, through a post on Facebook, the fiction Wake up my love – of which the actress is the protagonist […]

The interview – Gaetano Azzariti – The “deliberation” on Covid

“Dangerous rule: gives power to the government on vague premises”

In this year there has been (and rightly so) a lot of talk about the limitation of constitutional freedoms in relation to anti-Covid rules. The Dpcm has long been discussed because they are considered by many to be inadequate to regulate constitutionally sensitive matters from the point of view of fundamental rights. The Draghi government has chosen the path of law decrees. […]

The opinions

Conte’s speech and the future of the M5S

Breakthrough It is a real regeneration, but the response of the Democratic Party is disappointing The care of words and their transforming power; the centrality of competence in the golden democratic rule of “One is One”; the parallel paths of representative and direct democracy, which the 5 Stars have been experiencing for years, albeit with difficulty. They are some points […]

The dossier – From Padoan to De Vincenti: all settled

Alfano, Minniti & C. The ministers of Renzi, caste that works

The most effective synthesis comes from Giovanni Paglia, a member of the national secretariat of the Italian Left: “Alfano is at the head of the first group of private healthcare, Padoan is preparing to chair Unicredit, Minniti is Leonardo’s promoter and now De Vincenti is going to work for the Benettons. All former ministers or undersecretaries: it almost comes from […]

School – The dossier

Now the League points to angry precarious workers: the amnesty is back

The trade unions are also in favor. The “all in” could come thanks to Brunetta’s “quick contests”: the titles will count above all

“I look around and you always remain the best”

De Gregori turns 70 today? First of all then, I send him my sincerest wishes for… 100 of these days !!! Many but many wishes, Francesco !! De Gregori is one of the greatest Italian songwriters, his songs have always been a source of great pleasure and inspiration for me. He started earlier […]

of Vasco Rossi

The meeting with Draghi

That “credit” that Salvini now wants to collect

Not even the visit to Budapest with two ultra-sovereign prime ministers such as Viktor Orbán (Hungary) and Mateusz Morawiecki (Poland) did not restore Matteo Salvini’s good spirits. The defeat suffered by the Draghi-Hope couple in the decree on Wednesday with which Italy was closed for the whole of April without the possibility, as he asked […]

From the stars …

And Vespa was awarded two degrees …

The former consultant – The error in enrolling in the rankings

of Vds

The interview – Giuseppe Brescia (M5S)

“Stop revolving doors, our policy has lost credibility”

“We need a law against conflicts of interest and lobbies immediately”, because the revolving doors between politics and companies “undermine the credibility of the institutions”. This is said by Giuseppe Brescia, M5S deputy and president of the Constitutional Affairs Commission in the Chamber, who last year drew up a basic text – the result of the legislative proposals […]

of L. Giar.

Covid-19 – The third wave

Intensive care saturated but Salvini and Fontana talk about “reopening”

“Another seven, ten days of passion in intensive care”, is convinced by Professor Massimo Antonelli, head of resuscitation at the Gemelli in Rome. He said it a few weeks ago: “It’s the most difficult moment”. And so it was, intensive care saturated almost everywhere, yesterday the national balance of the last twenty-four hours still reported a +10, with […]

of G. Cal.

The controversy

The anti-drug goes to Dadone (M5S), a majority clash. FI: “So the government falls”

Brawl in the majority for the delegation on drugs entrusted to the M5S Minister for Youth Policies, Fabiana Dadone. Forza Italia’s major, Maurizio Gasparri, threatens to blow up the Draghi government. But Giorgia Meloni is also unleashed by the opposition, who takes the opportunity to put the center-right allies who support the executive in arrears: “It is […]

Deliveroo: “solved”

Rider in a coma, “you can’t open an injury case”

He fell while on a bicycle he was making a delivery and now – after being operated on urgently due to intestinal perforation – he is hospitalized in the Ferrara hospital of Cona in a pharmacological coma. The protagonist of the story, a 23-year-old rider of Pakistani origin. Ended at the center of the debate after the Italian girlfriend told al […]

The story – Trs derivatives and a semi-unknown company

Banks without rules: Archegos and those billions burned in 24 hours

When at the crack of dawn on Monday, March 26, international news agencies begin to inform customers about the budget gap that the implosion of a financial fund called Archegos would have caused to the quarterly reports of some of the most well-known international investment banks, for most operators that name sounds like an absolute novelty. In […]

of Gianclaudio Torlizzi

Comic Matters – Sudden turns in a frame

Cliché-unexpected: classic mechanism that always makes you laugh

The product of each semiotic system (linguistic, visual, gestural, musical, filmic, & c.) Is a “text” that can be studied using the most diverse interpretative models. One of the most fruitful for fun practice is the one based on the concept of frame, or narrative scheme (in various meanings: Minsky, 1974; Goffman, 1974; Fillmore, 1976). Every […]

Bulgaria is resigned. The clique inside the urns

It is the poorest country in the European Union to open its polls today. The already three-time Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, former firefighter and former bodyguard, head of the right-wing Gerb party, “Citizens for European Development”, could return to triumph in the elections and remain in the chair he has occupied for more than one […]

of Michela AG Iaccarino

The case – After the first week

Floyd trial, police no longer protect Chauvin

The agent accused of killing the African American is white, his superiors as well, but in the courtroom they distance themselves from him. A rarity in the United States

Greece new tensions – Erdogan blackmails Europe

Disruptive actions: Turkey sends migrants back to Athens

The waters of the Aegean Sea return to agitate but not due to bad weather, on the contrary. Greece accuses Turkey of taking advantage of the calm sea to push some rubber boats, which set sail from the Turkish coasts, with numerous migrants on board, into Greek national waters, in order to provoke Athens and Europe, as in March of last year. […]

The interview – Don Marco Pozza

“To Pope Francis I give the tu. Erri De Luca is a ‘theologian’. Welby deserved the funeral “

He leads “Vices and virtues” on the Nove and, at 42, is the chaplain of the Padua prison

Francesco De Gregori makes 70

You are the poet of songs: happy birthday, Prince!

From “La donna cannone” to “Rimmel”, from “Alice” to “The football lever”: the artists tell what is their favorite song of the Roman singer-songwriter, who is now celebrating his birthday

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