On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 6 October: Reverse. Hall just above the 2016 data, all the other Dems retreat

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The slap of Draghi to Salvini. And the ministers of the League desert

The timing, in politics, has its own discrete importance. And that choice yesterday by Mario Draghi to collect the ok to the fiscal delegation resembles a blitz to take advantage of the slap taken by the League to the Administrations. The call of the control room and the Council of Ministers to discuss the reform had already arrived on Monday […]


Power of attorney gag. Press releases only

Post elections permitting, today in the Chamber’s Justice Committee the opinion on the gag should be voted on to magistrates and journalists, or the draft legislative decree of the government on the presumption of innocence. An opinion that, even in the text proposed by the rapporteur Enrico Costa (Action), calls for pejorative changes for freedom of information. Instead, the M5S […]

The investigation

Competitions piloted in universities: 33 suspects, including prof. Gauls

Searches in Milan, Rome, Turin and Palermo


Investigated Di Donna, the lawyer who took over Conte’s office

“Spent the name of the boss 5S and Arcuri without their knowledge “

Pignatone decides today

The Becciu process risks being canceled due to the lack of Perlasca audio files

Twist of the scene at the trial in the Vatican on the funds to the Secretariat of State, which also sees the former substitute for general affairs, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, accused. The procedure even risks cancellation. Yesterday the adjunct judicial promoter, Alessandro Diddi – therefore the prosecutor – asked for the cancellation. The reason is to be found in the instance of the defenders who […]

Facebook & C.

The revenge of the boomer: joys and sorrows of 6 hours without social media

The (nostalgic) blackout on Mondays


Church, 300,000 children victims of 70 years of abuse

3 thousand “predatory” priests surveyed in the 450 pages collected by the Conference commissioned by the bishops. 80% of molested minors are male: 4-6% of the country’s total

Marco Revelli

“Far from over: populism abstains, but remains lurking”

Marco Revelli, what does the vote of the cities say on the general state of national politics? It is clear to everyone that the key figure is the level of abstention, which is very high especially in large cities, which were once the ones with the greatest turnout. The fact that they are all below 50%, except Bologna – that […]

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The Counts of the Count: Full squares, half-empty urns

The M5S city ​​by city: never more than 11%

Francesco Boccia

“New phase: the Democratic Party needs 5 stars and moderates to win”

“We must unite as much as possible to win in the cities on the ballot”. Francesco Boccia, Head of Local Bodies of the Democratic Party, the theorist of the alliance with the M5S, but also the one who went crazy for weeks in search of the only candidate in the cities, keeps a low profile. He was among the protagonists of the Administrative dossier. Although in general […]

The seat of Siena

Letta prepares the Nuovo Ulivo, from Calenda to the grillini

Do not lose the aplomb, Enrico Letta. Not even while celebrating his victory in a restaurant in Piazza del Campo in Siena, surrounded only by his staff and the group of local executives who supported him in the Tuscan countryside. Not even as he walks the streets of the town in the rain, with an expression that exudes satisfaction. The scheme does not […]

The defeated

Lampi di Papeete bis: “Matteo” is lame and reflects on the tear

Between the two options that gripped him from the long and dramatic election night – that is to play the “draghiano” or start hitting the executive as a reaction to the electoral blow – Matteo Salvini chose the second. That it is a Papeete bis is still too early to say. The thrusts, however, are all there. The leader of the League […]


Elected the “black” Valcepina But Meloni does not hunt her

His is the third most voted name of the Brothers of Italy in Milan. Chiara Valcepina, the candidate protagonist of the Fanpage investigation on neo-fascist associations and alleged black funds to Giorgia Meloni’s party, enters the City Council thanks to 903 preferences. Better than her only a big like Vittorio Feltri (2,268 votes) and Riccardo Truppo, […]

Challenge for the capitol

Second round, Calenda threatens Gualtieri: “Either me or the Five Stars”

“Did they say I’m right? Yes, but one does not engage in politics with rancor ”. Translated: yes to Gualtieri but without the M5S. Carlo Calenda looks to the left, but sets conditions that could embarrass the Democratic Party. The center-left candidate could soon cash in on Giuseppe Conte’s endorsement. To win in the capital, however, the treasure […]

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The most voted

Boom preferences: Feltri and the granddaughter of the Duce (FdI)

Just behind the race of the big names in the big cities, the administrative elections grant very curious stories: no vax, “sons of”, champions of preferences and excellent excluded. In Milan, the record of preferences in FdI is held by Vittorio Feltri (2,268), who joins the Council together with the two candidates involved in the Fanpage “Lobby Nera” investigation, Francesco Rocca […]

Tra talk e social

TV lounges in despair: Carlo sunk by exit polls

The TV marathon is dedicated to exit polls and screenings, but above all to the theme of the day: “Why wasn’t Calenda elected mayor in the first round?”. Grueling debate among guests residing in restricted traffic areas; very black faces; hours analysis, Lithuanian theater type; hope in the fallibility of exit polls. On Twitter there are those who propose […]

The accusation to the virologist

The manager of the Sacco Hospital: “If Massimo continues he ends up in jail”

I pm: “falsified reports and agreement on the scores agreed with ‘his’ candidate”

The portrait

The years of record earnings thanks to consultations with Condotte

The lawyer collected several fees with the company controlled by the Ministry

The investigated doctor

Michetti doesn’t know about Pippo Franco with the fake pass

“I know nothing. We have thousands of candidates, I don’t know what we’re talking about ”. Enrico Michetti thus robs Pippo Franco and his 45 votes (the count is partial) collected as a candidate on the civic list. The aspiring mayor of Rome for the center-right is really unaware of the alleged irregularity which, according to the Nas and the Prosecutor’s Office […]

It was defamation

“Hot potato” Felt sentenced to pay € 11,000

The Court of Catania sentenced the journalist Vittorio Feltri to a fine of 11,000 euros for defamation for his article on the front page of Libero of 10 February 2017 entitled “Hot potato” on the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi. The judge has established a compensation for damages to be established in civil proceedings, fixing […]

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Borsellino quater: the sentences for the massacre in via D’Amelio and the misdirection are final

A little more than 29 years after the massacre in via D’Amelio in which Paolo Borsellino and 5 escort agents were killed, the fifth section of the Supreme Court, chaired by Stefano Palla, confirmed the convictions of mafiosi and false repentants accused in the so-called “Borsellino quater ”, focused on state misdirection. Therefore, the sentences are final […]

The interview

“Virtuous London only on paper: it is the epicenter of global corruption”

Susan Hawley is a UK anti-corruption veteran. Specialized in policies to combat money laundering, she is one of the founders of the NGO Corruption Watch Uk, for which she has also worked on transparency in the judicial sector. Today he guides Spotlight on Corruption, which monitors the path of UK anti-corruption legislation, […]


A film among the stars, Moscow takes over the space scene

The Russians are first: again. Moscow beats the Americans and makes the first film in space in history. When Hollywood and NASA, with Tom Cruise and Elon Musk in chorus, announced last year that they wanted to set a story in orbit, the Federation that never likes to come second was listening. After […]

Giorgio Parisi

A Nobel Prize physicist. With Manabe and Hasselmann

The Nobel Prize in Physics finally returns to Italy. The winner is Giorgio Parisi, a 73-year-old Roman, “for his innovative contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems”. Sharing the award with him are 90-year-old Japanese Syukuro Manabe and 89-year-old German Klaus Hasselmann, “for physical modeling […]

What kind of beasts

Pigeons, sapiens and dinosaurs: animals change the Earth

A curious “Illustrated history of the world” tells the 50 species (living and not) that have shaped the destinies of the planet, to the sound of extinctions and innovations

He film

“SelfieMania”, when the click becomes the eighth capital vice

It’s in four episodes. Among the directors also Elisabetta Pellini

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