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Covid-19 – third wave and vaccines

“V-day” by Moratti: over 80 in a wheelchair queue in the cold

Seniors queuing at empty vaccination centers and hubs due to lack of vaccinators. Two faces of the umpteenth – convulsive – V-day of Lombardy. The first to which the over 80s could present themselves at the same time with an appointment, those without text messages but registered on the Aria portal and those never registered. Those who feared chaos were right. IS […]

of Andrea Sparaciari and Simone Bauducco

We are the watussi of Marco Travaglio

One of the rare advantages of the Draghi government is that it made the Unnameable, the one who claims to have won because Draghi arrived, disappear. Nowadays he makes news only for his non-EU enterprises, from Saudi Arabia to black Africa, from Dubai to Bahrain, where he is still a fair circus attraction, while in Europe they know him by now. The other day […]

The conference – Rezza & C. – Boom of defections

AZ “recommended” only for over 60s. Recalls at risk

And now who tells who has yet to receive the second dose of AstraZeneca? This is the question circulating in and around Palazzo Chigi. Nobody, it seems, has the answer. And given yesterday’s news it is not difficult to imagine it. First came the green light from the European Medicines Agency (again): i […]

of Stefano Caselli and Natascia Ronchetti
Lazio region

Hired Pd, Zinga is furious and is now looking for the exit strategy

The case – Dem Buschini, president of the regional council, resigns. The furious former secretary of the Democratic Party: “You ruin me”. And now meditate on the Capitol

of Vincenzo Bisbiglia

Salvini, Papeete 2 hypothesis to get out of the “cage”

Twenty-second February, Montecitorio outside. After receiving the representatives of the “disobedient” restaurateurs of #Ioapro, Matteo Salvini takes to the streets with them, complete with a T-shirt and megaphone. The next day, Prime Minister Mario Draghi summons him to Palazzo Chigi to ask him to “tone down”. Not even two months later, in that square, the same ones […]

of Giacomo Salvini
The interview – Nunzia Catalfo. Former Minister of Labor

“The Cig for the self-employed is an act of justice. Hands off Dignity “

The former Minister of Labor, Nunzia Catalfo, has no doubts: the failure to extend the commission on the reform of social safety nets, which is a prelude to an abandonment of the reform itself, “would be a mistake”, especially since that strategy was chosen by ” a government of which the Pd of Andrea Orlando was part ”, his successor to the ministry. So […]

of Cdf
Clean lists?

Iv and the right against the Corruption Sweep

Government – Undersecretary Scalfarotto reassures Forza Italia: “Commitment to change”

of Ilaria Proietti

Conti in Switzerland, that’s why Fontana doesn’t collaborate with prosecutors

Sofa-gate – Von der Leyen in a corner, the “Sultan” is not the only one responsible

of Davide Milosa
Lost cause

Trento, Sgarbi insults the councilor M5S and denounces him. But he is condemned

Vittorio Sgarbi also wanted the damages and instead will have to pay them: he was sentenced to pay 15 thousand euros to the councilor of the Province of Trento, Alex Marini. Taken badly because on the occasion of the appointment of the art critic at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Mart), he had dared to recall Sgarbi’s absenteeism at the Superintendency of Venice […]

of Ilaria Proietti
The square

The barricaded restaurateur now denies Matteo: “He made fun of us all”

Umberto Carriera – The leader of the protest unloads the Northern League: “He jokes with those who lose their jobs”

of Tommaso Rodano
Ruby 3

There is a hearing, B. again hospitalized

Today he should have been in the courtroom in Siena, yesterday he was checked in hospital

of Gianni Barbacetto
The documents

Poste had offered three free platforms in January

A discarded ready and functioning platform; a month lost without planning a decent vaccination campaign; an “autarchic” choice at a cost of 22 million euros, which will prove to be the worst own goal. All seasoned with a long series of lies. It is the story contained in the report that the sole administrator of the Aria regional spa, Lorenzo Gubian, […]

of and. spa.
Former Northern League player – Giancarlo Pagliarini

“My wife sick and without dose: the system is hallucinating”

A sick and bedridden wife, but still without a vaccine. And answers that took days to arrive. Giancarlo Pagliarini, 78 years old, from Milan, an early leaguer and today out of the party, in controversy with the new Salvinian course, vents as follows: “Is it possible that we continue to vaccinate categories that do not risk dying?”. […]

of L. Giar.
NGO, the investigation

The owner of the Ionian Sea: “I rented a Belgian patrol boat from the mafia in Malta”

A trip to Malta “to hire a Belgian military patrol boat from a gang of mafia Maltese smugglers”. The confidence that Giuseppe Caccia gives to a friend seems to be on the edge of reality, a bit like in the film Borotalco by Carlo Verdone. The dialogues of the majority shareholder of Idra Social Shipping Srl, the shipping company of the Sea […]

of Saul Caia
He folder

Social shock absorbers: “reform” risk

The post-pandemic scenarios

of Carlo Di Foggia
Fdi motion rejected

Flop the Cashback Attack. Consumption figures are still growing

The majority regroups on Cashback and fades yet another attack on the measure introduced by the Conte-2 government to incentivize electronic payments through a cashback system of a percentage of the amount paid. The motion presented in the Senate by the Brothers of Italy, which continues to ask for resources to be diverted to companies in crisis (for […]

of Patrizia De Rubertis

Yemen, the Marib tragedy. We fight for gas and the dam

The former reign of the Queen of Sheba – The Houti Shiites want to give the coup de grace to the government supported by the Saudi coalition

of Roberta Zunini
Red Sea

Iranian ship hit, the NYT: “It was the Israelis”

Israel acts “when needed”. Without referring to the ‘rumors’ that the Jewish state was responsible for the explosion that occurred on the Iranian ship MV Saviz two days ago in the Red Sea, Defense Minister Benny Gantz told the Times of Israel newspaper: “The state of Israel he must defend himself. Whenever there is an operational challenge or […]

of FQ

In the war of the “peasants”, Michel (EU) defeats Erdogan

Sofa-gate – Von der Leyen in a corner, the “Sultan” is not the only one responsible

of Salvatore Cannavò
Our mission – men and war

Italy-Afghanistan. What is there to save

We keep 800 staff. But when the US finally leaves, the Taliban will attack the cities. For the interpreters who have worked for us it will be hell. We need to get them out of there right away

of Massimo Fini
Face to face

Edith, the newfound friend

Between memory and thrown verses – Bruck is in the dozen of the Premio Strega

of Furio Colombo
Another music

The “Trunks in the square” return to make “Noise” in silence

From Ligabue to Vasco, the singers still postpone the concerts to 2022: meanwhile the supply chain (technicians, workers, sound engineers …) is dying, amid protests and few subsidies

of Stefano Mannucci

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