On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of November 5th:

Risk Draghi

Quirinale: gambling in the courtroom. The two right, the Pd renziano, the 5S divided

Salvini and Giorgetti in crisis, dem remained with the scrapper, the uphill departure of Conte: music for snipers


“By Christmas, vaccinations for children from 5 to 11 years old”

Locatelli’s announcement. WHO: “Europe in trouble”

The best

Draghi gives the sop to the parties, but keeps the point on local services

Go ahead bypassing Parliament – Incinerators, beaches and dams remain outside, but Chigi will have 6 proxies on important issues and will be able to legislate alone

The new acts

Matteo “plagued”: “Lady Nardella did not want Renzi”

The Open Inquiry – The former spokesman for the Rottamatore intercepted: “The wife of the mayor of Florence said: ‘Remove him, he makes us lose'”

1996, the Cella murder

“Me, a precarious criminologist: after 25 years my breakthrough on Nada”

Cold case – Antonella Pesce Delfino: “So I found new evidence”


Yellow alert, Mastella does not close schools. Students on Facebook: “We don’t vote for you!”

Background: two days ago weather warnings in almost all of Italy. Rain is expected, in some cases very abundant, in others not. In Benevento the alert is yellow. Mayor Clemente Mastella does not close schools. At 16:10 he communicates it on Facebook. Thus was born the most unmissable of the protests, with the boys who besiege Mastella […]


Brigitte, dangerous relationships. Intercepted on the Sarko case

Madame Macron sympathizes with a defendant of the investigation into Libyan funds to the former president: “Hold on”

Operation Colle

“Changes to the reform? Fault of fake news “

The Keeper of Seals – In search of banks for his race


Kidnapping from the entrepreneur who is a fan of Verdini

100 million – For the Dda, Carmelo Paratore is a figurehead of Cosa Nostra. Yesterday you seal your empire

Jörg Dötsch

“In Germany we believe that only children with pathologies should be immunized”

“The risk of Covid-19 in the 5-11 age group is significantly lower than the rest of the population: it happens that children have a disease that makes them stay in bed at home for a few days, but very rarely leads to hospitalization “. Jörg Dötsch is the president of the German Society of Pediatrics. In Italy, […]

Claudio Fabris

“But even the under 12 must be protected: they get sick and are super-speakers”

“It is not true that children have been less affected by the pandemic and that there have not been even serious cases. And very often the virus entered families through the little ones “. Claudio Fabris, full professor of Pediatrics at the University of Turin, is the dean of subalpine pediatricians. “To the parents of children who me it […]

The accusation

The whistleblower: “Pfizer data falsified”

British Medical Journal Unveils Report of Errors in Vantavia Research Center Trials

The anti-Semitic text

I Savi di Sion, Jewish community against Feltrinelli

It is also on sale on the traditional channels of Feltrinelli, Ibs and Amazon, and not from today. On the Feltrinelli channel, however, The Protocols of the Elders of Sion (Edizioni Segno), which 120 years ago foresaw a world dominated by Jewish finance, were indicated as “secularly prophetic” and not “pious fantasies”. Maybe a little bit for a text […]

The reorganization

Dismissals at Customs, after the complaint the dg Minenna investigated for abuse of office

The dismissal of a former manager cost Marcello Minenna the registration in the register of suspects for the crime of abuse of office, by the Public Prosecutor of Rome. On 23 September, the general manager of the Monopoly and Customs Agency relieved Alessandro Canali from his post, who had hitherto been director of the secretariat of the deputy director. Canali, lawyer […]

The report: in 2030

Oxfam, the richest 1% will pollute 30 times beyond the limits

By 2030, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere produced by the richest 1% in the world will be 30 times higher than sustainable to contain the rise in temperatures by 1.5 ° C. Those issued by the richest 10% will exceed the guard threshold by 9 times, while the emissions of the poorest 50% will remain well below. […]

The appointment of Francis

Vatican, nun at the head of the governorate

Another woman gets a top position in the Vatican organization chart. In fact, a nun will hold the office of Secretary General of the Governorate of the Vatican City State. For this office, Pope Francis has appointed Sister Raffaella Petrini. The Pontiff has also appointed a lay deputy secretary general of the Governorate: it is the lawyer Giuseppe Puglisi-Alibrandi. Sister Raffaella Petrini, who […]

52 femicides in 2021

Ostia, shoots and kills his wife with a rifle

It was her husband who shot down Elena Di Maulo, 77, in her home in Ostia Antica, on the Roman coast. The police arrested Mauro Piunti, aged 79. From a first reconstruction, it seems that it was he who took up the weapon, regularly held, and opened fire on the […]

The rescue

Crotone, rescued 75 migrants stranded in the stormy sea

Rescued thanks to the courage of a group of people who did not hesitate to enter the sea to rescue 75 migrants during the night, including four children, stranded on board a sailboat stranded in the sea in front of Le Cannella in the municipality of Capo Rizzuto Island. It happened in the night […]

In commission

Interceptions, the blitz on the center-right Trojan fails (for now)

For now, a blitz by the center-right wing of the majority in the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Chamber has failed for a crackdown on the use of the Trojan, the computer detector that is injected into cell phones and computers and which, to understand us, has troubled the former councilor of the CSM and former magistrate, Luca Palamara, and more. Rejected the Forza amendment […]


The government is afraid and puts the trust. The League: “Enough is enough”

Yes, everything seemed to go smoothly as oil, so much so that for once there was not even the trust of which the government of Mario Draghi is now a collector. But then the red alarm went off at Palazzo Chigi when it became clear that the fist fight in the Lega party between Matteo Salvini and Giancarlo Giorgetti […]

Approved on 28.10

Maneuver disappeared for days: less time in the Chambers

Extra-legem – The Mef rewrites pensions and taxes: illegitimate process

Against the executive

Pnrr, 5S senators: “Neither transparency nor parliamentary involvement”

It is only a necessary act, at most a jolt of adjustment in relations between the Chambers and the government on one thing – the Recovery and Resilience Plan – which commits the public budget for the next five years at least. Yet it had the effect of a bomb. We refer to the signed question to Prime Minister Mario Draghi […]

Workers on strike

Whirlpool, dismissed unions appeal: “The fight continues”

The Court of Naples rejected the appeal filed by Fim, Fiom and Uilm against Whirlpool for anti-union behavior. The reasons include not only the decline in market volumes, but also the rejection by the trade unions, in August 2019, of the proposal to sell the business unit by […]

Waiting for the EU

Mps, good accounts in the first 9 months of 2021: “Now the new plan”

Unicredit release, in the Monte dei Paschi di Siena data room only Amco remains, the public company that will take over a nice package of bad loans from the institute (impaired loans remain 4 billion, as in January). It means that MPS, the EU Commission permitting, will go ahead on its own and with the State as the main shareholder a little longer. “For […]

The provincial

Renzi’s American dream: Kennedy, GDP and latching flight

The US trip without money

In the UK

Killer confesses to rape on at least 80 bodies

After being arrested last December for the double murder of two women 37 years ago, David Fuller is now accused of sexually assaulting at least 80 female corpses; the youngest body was that of a nine-year-old girl, while the oldest was that of a woman over a hundred years old. The man, a 67-year-old […]


The International Criminal Court launches an investigation into Maduro

“A success for our nation. A victory for democratic institutions ”. With these words, spoken directly to the Telesur broadcaster, Tarek William Saab, Attorney General of Venezuela, announced the details of the agreement made with the CPI, International Criminal Court: an investigation will be opened to shed light and clarity on the complaints of violence committed by the Maduro apparatus […]

Su Discovery+

Five girls and their Girl Power: 25 years ago they conquered the world

Quarrels, phobias, envy, success and farewells: the documentary on “secret” Spices


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