On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of September 15: Bills, all the lies against environmentalists

Israel towards the 4th dose and new record of cases. Lancet says no to the 3rd

2.9 million Israelis have been vaccinated with three doses, 5.5 million with two doses, and over 6 million with one. There are 10,774 new cases in Israel yesterday, one of the highest recorded so far, with a positive rate of 6.09%, out of 189,000 swabs. There are 673 critically ill patients (e […]


Aspiring mayor Calenda champion of absences in Europe

Rome: the record of the former minister

The investigation

From Pontida to Sicily, Salvini empty to lose

Crisis The skipped party on the “pratone” and the failure of the “national” party: very few lists in the South

The anticipation

“Conte calls me. Cricket? I was not sleeping “

The former premier – from the 2006 meeting with the former comedian to phone calls with the leader M5S

The fight

So Tremonti & C. evicted the Economy Festival

Trento – The Northern League junta dismisses, after 16 years, the “too left” Confindustria review breaks, but lends itself to the anti-Boeri blitz of the former minister of B.

Saudi Arabia

“Renaissance” and torture. Pelosi attacks the royal house

Sadhan case: torture and 20 years in prison The speaker of the US Chamber and the rights denied by Ryad

Dreams and reality

Liguria incenses “its” fiction, but it is filmed in Croatia

Hotel Portofino – “It will bring work”. But not in the region

The analysis

Goodbye atom, the minister’s passion remains gas

Nuclear power was an art-house balloon and, like each of the balloons that Minister Roberto Cingolani sends into the air, it is the gas that inflates it. Evaporated following yesterday’s meeting with the grillini – as a frank and cordial, even profitable ordinance – the coolness of the new generation atom, the gas remains. The new man of […]

3 billion are needed

Other than the “green”: behind the sting there is the fossil boom

La patch – Aid only to low incomes


Now the “poor” Bernard is also dropped by the right

The suspicion that Luca Bernardo, the right-wing mayoral candidate in Milan, had been chosen more to bring home an honorable defeat than to conquer Palazzo Marino was already legitimized by the first unconvincing public outings. Now, however, the label of “candidate to lose” also comes from a weighty name like Gabriele Albertini. Two days […]

The interview

“The consent to the leader has only one engine: migrants and security”

Piero Ignazi – political scientist

The interview / 1

“Bertolaso? I do not know who he is. I am on the list for my disabled child “

Queen Prophet

The interview / 2

“Candidate or councilor does not matter: I still want to be useful”

D. Scilipoti Isgrò

Today in the Senate

Ddl Zan, Pd and M5S vote the postponement to after the Municipal

A provocation, as defined by the center-left, which however risks putting the fait accompli in front of public opinion: Pd, M5S, Italia Viva (and Lega) will vote this morning in the Senate to extend the time of the Zan bill and postpone the vote see you after the administrative elections. The move of pure parliamentary tactics arrived yesterday […]

Covid-19 – Vaccines and passes

Green pass in the public sector. The private remains hanging on Salvini

The problem of the private sector has yet to be solved. At least this time the obligation of the Green pass will not come for everyone, we are discussing transport, restaurants and bars, cinemas, theaters, stadiums, gyms and swimming pools, where users / customers are already required to present the green certificate, but not who half a million people work there. It is delicate […]

The other sting

Anti-flu, Regions in a rush for vials

At the end of last year, the Federation of Medical Orders estimated that only 50% of the population at risk – over 60, children aged six months to six years, people with chronic diseases, tumors, pregnant women – had been vaccinated against the flu. While many pharmacies were left dry, without serums for the […]

The league electrician

Centemero, his wife and money to Barachetti: “They gave him 220 thousand, they got 60 thousand”

Two companies, 17 current accounts, revenues of 6 million, including from cultural foundations, retirement homes, religious institutes, investee companies and local administrations. It is the photograph taken by the consultants of the Bank of Italy with respect to the “operations” of the Bergamo entrepreneur Francesco Barachetti on trial today with the accusation of competition in embezzlement for the case of the Lombardia Film regional foundation […]

Torre Angela

Building explodes, three injured in Rome “A gas leak”

Two boys make their way between firefighters, municipal agents and neighbors: they take away clothes, they will serve until you have to sleep outside the house. Behind them, the walls continue to smoke. The bang, yesterday at 7.20 am, woke up all of Via Atteone, in Torre Angela, on the eastern outskirts of Rome. The explosion at the […]

The new that advances

Rai, Fuortes wants a “positive” narrative. Promoted the creative who danced on YouTube

Changing the Rai narrative. Because “this company must return to having a positive story”. It is not possible, in fact, that “in the newspapers when it comes to Rai it is almost always done in the negative”. Talking is Carlo Fuortes, who recently presented his strategic assets for the company to various executives. There […]

The journalists

Greetings to Dell’Utri on the Corriere. The Cdr: “We are uncomfortable”

The reaction of the editorial committee of the Corriere della Sera to the publication of the congratulatory page for the 80th anniversary of Marcello Dell’Utri has arrived. The words “Greetings, dear Marcello” last Saturday was in the center of a page filled with the signatures of “friends”, including Giancarlo Galan, a former employee of Publitalia, the dealership of […]

The trial in Egypt

Zaki, hearing postponed to 28.09 “I exercised freedom of speech”

“I didn’t commit any crime, I just exercised free speech. I want to be released because I have been locked up too long ”. So Patrick Zaki, 30, yesterday morning turned to the judge who asked him about the charges he is accused of, during the first hearing of the trial that was held […]

The interview

“After the US, China will be the new owner of the country”

Zalmai Nishat – The future of Afghanistan

Norway – Elections

Labor, the “poor rich” wins

The millionaire Støre in search of a government with Socialists and the Center Party


Writing is like having lovers

“Novels? Creative outlet “. The lecture of “Umberto Eco dell’Est”

Edition n. 15

“X-Factor” is renewed with a “gender free” competition: no categories, in the final in 12

From tomorrow on Sky Uno

Let’s give the numbers

“Here I laugh”, but also no: the cinema is struggling to fill up

The box office is lukewarm, despite the flywheel of the Venice Film Festival: Martone’s Scarpetta is second in terms of box office, but as a debut it does not exceed Me against You


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