On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano on 25 November: “For 5 weeks”. “Let’s hope that’s enough,” says Draghi

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Open investigation

“I have 4 tests against the prosecutors”: the holes in Renzi’s defense

Meeting for immunity – The former prime minister tries again: “Violated the Constitution”

State company

Insults and threats by Mr. Ita, but the unions remain silent

The president of Ita, Alfredo Altavilla, speaks of indiscriminate layoffs and insults the closest collaborators. But apparently that’s okay or in any case it doesn’t cause too much concern. After the Fact gave an account of the audio contents of a meeting of the company’s management committee, in which the manager talks about the will […]

He folder

Via la Severino: shield for condemned mayors

The proposed law of the Democratic Party

Fight against the mafia

Life imprisonment, Di Matteo’s alarm: “Whoever carried out the massacres of ’92 -’93 will be able to get out”

The rulings of the Constitutional Court that have weakened the life imprisonment impeding the benefits for mafia and terrorism inmates and forced the legislator to approve changes by next June, will have serious consequences: fewer collaborators of justice and a concrete danger that the mass murderers will leave prison , the very ones who planted the bombs to blackmail him […]

Rounds of armchairs

The “Genoa model”: the man of the mega-plan has moved on to Webuild

Post-Morandi – The former procurement manager appointed president of the competing giant

The initiative

Beyond the women’s day, we can do many more things

November 25 – Not just commemorations or anger


Coalition: yes to the government, no to Merkel’s lockdown

“Semaphore” Pact between Socialists, Greens and Liberals: stop on coal in 2030, minimum wage of 12 euros, legal cannabis. The outgoing chancellor wanted an anti Covid stop


The “two-track” risk: fewer limits for tourists than for No Vax at home

EU travel – Today the choice

Get lost

The League gives in to Draghi and digests the super-pass

At the end of the day, in the Lega home, the prevailing feeling is that of “disorientation”. After months in which Matteo Salvini said he was opposed to the green pass and invoked the freedom of choice not to get vaccinated, yesterday evening the Carroccio said “yes” to a measure that locks up non-immunized citizens at home. Also […]

Opinion on the maneuver

The bad signal from the EU: “Now current spending will have to be cut”

It is a signal: small, gentle in its own way, but unmistakable. With the opinion with which it essentially gives a first green light to Italy’s financial maneuver, the EU Commission signals that the recreation is about to end: from the budget law of next autumn we will somehow return to the status quo before Covid. What did Brussels say? […]

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From Objects to De Luca The norm saves everyone

Dislike of the Severino law has been among the values ​​of a part of the Democratic Party since long before the exiles of Italia Viva promoted the referendum to abolish it. And the one against abuse of office is a historic workhorse, in particular, of one of the most famous administrators of the party, Vincenzo De Luca. Let’s rewind the tape […]

Other foundation

Money from the builder Parnasi to Eyu: Bonifazi ends up on trial in Rome

In the classroom – The faithful of Matteo

Palazzo madama

Here are the maneuvers of the Renzians to give the seat to Carbone

The Renzian camel troops have been working on it for weeks on the ground. Because in the Senate there is not only the possibility of guaranteeing immunity for the investigation of the Prosecutor of Florence on the Open Foundation that the leader of Italia Viva swears he does not want, but which – whisper the former comrades of the Democratic Party – “will obtain a without his knowledge “. […]

“Abuses in the editorial office”

In order to attack Report, Faraone extracts a letter from an anonymous person

Another violent attack on Report from Italia Viva. Not only on how to conduct inquiries, but also by quoting anonymous letters. It is almost 3 pm yesterday and in the Rai Vigilanza, Carlo Fuortes and Marinella Soldi are in the audition, when Renziano Davide Faraone takes the floor. Who first complains about one […]

Milan, trial of B.

Ruby 3, the girls: “Absolve us now” The Prosecutor: “Insane”

No to the immediate acquittal of the crime of perjury, requested yesterday by the lawyers of the young defendants in the Milanese trial Ruby 3: prosecutor Luca Gaglio opposes, who asked to reject the girls’ requests, because they must respond, in competition with Silvio Berlusconi , also of the crime of corruption in judicial acts (for having […]

In vico equense

He said no to the square for Siani: mayor promotes him deputy

The Durigon of Vico Equense becomes its deputy mayor. This is Benedetto Migliaccio, the Forza Italia politician who on 23 September in a video interview with a local newspaper declared his displeasure that Vico Equense “has dedicated its most important square to Giancarlo Siani”, the reporter of the Morning killed by […]

Campania Felix

Contracts piloted in Benevento: eight arrests A “system” between mastelliani and deluchiani

Of the “rampant corruption system” on contracts, according to the words of the Gip of Benevento, Loredana Camerlengo, who welcomed the accusatory system of the Public Prosecutor’s Office led by Aldo Policastro and of the carabinieri of the Samnite provincial command, a sort of “Benevento system” , old glories of the “Salerno system” are also part. Among the 18 precautionary measures carried out yesterday – 8 […]

Collegno, Pump case

He killed his violent father and saved his mother: acquitted

He stabbed his violent father who was beating his mother for the umpteenth time. The prosecutor had asked for a 14-year sentence. Instead, the Turin Court of Assizes acquitted Alex Pompa, 20 years old. According to the judges, the fact does not constitute a crime. On 30 April 2020 in the family home in Collegno, […]

“It is a trade union of convenience”

Rider, Florence court rejects the Ugl contract

Not only is Ugl Rider a “convenience” union and its “proximity” to food delivery companies is demonstrated by 5 elements. New sentence, this time by the Court of Florence, against the contract for the delivery men signed in September 2020 by the food delivery apps and by Ugl, the only union that accepted the conditions […]

Towards world day

Appeal to Draghi: “2022 year of volunteering”

“PresidenteDraghi, next December 5, World Volunteer Day, make a gift at no cost to the Italians and join our appeal by declaring 2022 the year of volunteering”. This is the appeal launched by Emanuele Alecci and Riccardo Bonacina, spokespersons for the Campaign for the recognition of “voluntary work” as a Unesco intangible asset. “With the resurgence of the pandemic i […]


Ennio Doris, the inventor of Mediolanum, has died. B .: “Patriot”

Ennio Doris, founder and honorary president of Banca Mediolanum, one of the absolute precursors of the world of managed savings, passed away at the age of 81. Doris was a historical ally, advisor and business partner of Silvio Berlusconi: Fininvest has reached a 30% stake in Mediolanum, also passed through the request for freezing […]

Anger among the workers

Whirlpool, the government deserted the table at Mise

At the new round of the Mise on the very long dispute of the Whirlpool in Naples yesterday afternoon, where updates were expected on the consortium that should be presented on 15 December, the ministers Giorgetti and Orlando (engaged in those hours in the CDM) and the ministerial undersecretaries did not presented unleashing the wrath of the unions that were there […]

The non-profit organization

Yvette’s lesson: “They want you invisible, but if you react you are visible”

The story – “he was mistreating from the start”

The direct social

The story of our commitment with Trama di Terre today at 12 on the site fattoquotidiano.it

The Il Fatto Quotidiano Foundation tells today 25 November of its commitment against violence against women: at 12, live on our Fb page and on our website Cinzia Monteverdi, president and CEO of Seif and of the Foundation, Maddalena Oliva, deputy director of the Fatto, and Martina Castigliani of the fattoquotidiano.it and of the steering committee of the […]

The portrait. Paolo Gentiloni

The noble “Er Moviola” and his supercazzole dreaming of the Quirinale

Paolo Gentiloni – also ready to burn in the Quirinal joust, candidate by none other than Matteo Renzi in full battle with the guards, the magistrates and himself – is a very high profile figure, embellished by the ancient nobility of the Silveri counts of Filottrano, Cingoli and Tolentino, which is the stuff of a remote Papal State. AND […]

“I won’t kill myself, I’m a coward”

On July 9, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein, the VIP financier then detained at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, awaiting trial for pimping, undergoes a suicide risk assessment. The psychologist who follows him writes in her notes: “Epstein categorically denied any suicidal intention or plan”. He also denies […]


Chaos elections, the UN envoy resigns

Around December 24th. Surprisingly, Kubis leaves, Gaddafi’s candidacy is rejected in Tripoli


Manche, boat sinks with migrants: 31 dead

On board the boat that sank yesterday in the English Channel there were at least 50 migrants who left the French coast to reach the United Kingdom, the Calais authorities reported: at least 31 would have died. On November 19, the French security forces had raised the alarm on the multiplication of risky attempts to cross the Strait. In the last months […]

The unprecedented

“My life is over”: the colds of the poet Keats

Today “The valley of the soul” comes out, a collection of 153 letters from the young Englishman

Your Disney +

Beatles, the swan song: quarrels, heroin and “open wounds”

Debut of the docu-series “Get Back”, based on 60 hours of original recordings of the band in 1969: the successes, and the final teasing, before breaking up


Farewell to Liala’s eldest daughter, Primavera: “She wore her name, she was cheerful and volcanic”

Today the funeral of Mrs. Cambiasi

The anticipation

“Dear Fanny, I want you. And then no: I’m full of horror and nervousness “

One of the last messages to the secret lover

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