On pensions “no step backwards”, but it is

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Time.news – “The discussion for a reasonable reform is underway. It is useless to dwell now on numbers and quotas: we must give concrete answers to the workers who are waiting to be able to retire”. The under-secretary of the League for the Mef Federico Freni takes stock of the ‘querelle’ linked to Quota one hundred.

He first Mario Draghi he has already explained that he is against the measure and reiterated that it will not be extended. “We need to ensure a gradual transition towards normality”, he stressed.

The drop point has not yet been found. “Contrary to what some media claim, the Lega is not ‘towards the yes’ to the new pension measures. We are still working on the reform, with common sense and determination. The goal is not to return to Fornero”, he argues. Claudio Durigon, head of the Labor Department of the League.

There is still time to negotiate but the executive – allocating 600 million next year, 450 in 2023 and 510 in 2024 – has already set some stakes. The Council of Ministers that will have to examine the budget law is expected to be held between Wednesday and Thursday.

A control room has not been called and it is possible that there will not be. The government is expected to meet with the unions on Wednesday.

About pensions and the reform of social safety nets “we have not talked about it” with Prime Minister Mario Draghi “and obviously I know that if this does not happen we will be forced to do it in a different way”, the warning of Pierpaolo Bombardieri, general secretary of the Uil.

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It also takes a strong stand Confindustria. “We – says the president Carlo Bonomi – we are strongly against 100, 102 or 104. We are against it because we look at the numbers as entrepreneurs and the numbers say that 100 has not achieved the effect we expected “.

“I remember – observes the number one in Viale dell’Astronomia – we were told that for one who retired, three were hired, in reality the effect is of 0,4, so we don’t even have the replacement effect. We are retiring those who have a job and we are not offering a job to young people “.

The industrialists’ recipe is to focus on strenuous work. The government will also have to find a summary on the use of the more than eight billion of the tax cut provided for in the budget law.

The Pd, for example, point to guarantee also for the 2022 The face bonus. “It is one of the most successful measures”, said the deputy dem Alberto Losacco. “The maneuver must be a manifesto for the restart”, raises the blue Licia Ronzulli.

It is on Basic income the M5s president makes himself heard again, Giuseppe Conte. “It will be refinanced and modified according to our proposals. We are loyal to the government, but we have not signed blank checks. We will not be ‘quiet and good’ when it comes to defending our values, says the former prime minister.


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