“On public transport only with masks”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has asked ‘Transport for London’ (TfL) to implement the obligation to use masks on board buses and trains in the capital as a ‘condition for transport’ even after the planned revocation of the anti-Coronavirus restrictions on July 19. Khan said he was “not ready” to put subway, tram and other transport users in the city “at risk” by lifting the face protection regulations from next Monday. Control officers may deny access to passengers who fail to comply with the obligation or force them to disembark.

In announcing the upcoming lifting of the restrictions, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged fellow citizens to use a sense of personal responsibility by wearing masks in crowded and indoor places. Khan asked the TFL to also make sure that the use of masks is guaranteed on board taxis and hired rides by customers and drivers.

“I have repeatedly stated and made it clear that the simplest and safest option would have been to keep the rule for the use of masks on public transport in force at the national level,” said Khan. “I’m not willing to stand by and put the Londoners and the recovery of our city at risk.”


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