On the crowded street: the construction plan around the Netanyahu family home

After 12 years in Balfour, Netanyahu and his family are still not returning to the official residence and are expected to continue living in their private home in the capital of Gaza, which will become the temporary official residence. The neighbors on the crowded street object and the RAM office is racking their brains to find a solution

The Prime Minister’s Office’s construction plan around the Netanyahu family home: In recent days, a construction plan has been promoted to place restrooms and security facilities on the sidewalk next to the Netanyahu family’s private home on Gaza Street in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister’s Office is preparing to adapt Netanyahu’s house to the Prime Minister’s residence. Netanyahu’s apartment is located on Gaza Street, which is considered a central and crowded street in Jerusalem. The construction of the security facilities and restrooms on the street is expected to reduce the width of the narrow sidewalk by more than half. The program is estimated by the Prime Minister’s Office at hundreds of thousands of shekels.

The construction on Gaza Street is delayed, for now, due to the strong opposition of the neighbors. In the Prime Minister’s office they are racking their brains trying to find an adequate solution to the situation.

Senior officials in the ministry suggested asking the Netanyahu family to move to a house on Haforitz Street in order to avoid traffic difficulties on Gaza Street. All this while the renovation of the official residence in Balfour continues, it has been spread for about two years and it is not at all clear when it will be finished.

Unlike his predecessors, at least Netanyahu will not be criticized since he at least established his home in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, as opposed to Lapid and Bennett who turned their private home in Ra’anana/Ramat Aviv into the prime minister’s official residence.


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