On the eve of Elderly People’s Day, notaries will provide free consultations. And not only the elderly

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2023-09-26 09:15:00

On the eve of the Day of Elderly People, the Brest Regional Notary Chamber has planned a number of free consultation events. One of these events will take place on September 28

The event will be attended by specialists from the Main Department of Justice of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, the Civil Registry Office of the Brest City Executive Committee, the Brest Regional Administration of the Social Security Fund, notaries and lawyers.

Pensioners and disabled people will be able to get answers to questions that are within the competence of notaries, lawyers, enforcement authorities, civil registration authorities, and the management of the social protection fund. The action will take place at the address: Brest city, Mitskevich street, building 3, from 14.30 to 16.00. To make a reservation you can call 21-25-29.

Also on September 28, anyone can receive free legal advice from a notary on issues within his competence, including registration of inheritance rights, drawing up wills, marriage contracts, alienation of real estate, execution of executive inscriptions and others. The event will be held at the public center of legal information at the Brest Regional Library named after. A.M. Gorky at the address: Brest, b. Kosmonavtov, 48 (assembly hall). To make a reservation, you can call 80375 29 728 97 01.

In addition, on September 29, pensioners and disabled people can contact any notary office and notary office in the Brest region and receive advice from a notary on issues within his competence. A complete list of notary offices and notary offices and their opening hours can be found on the website of the Belarusian Notary Chamber belnotary.by.

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