On the far left, the temptation to emancipate from trade union centers

On the far left, the temptation to emancipate from trade union centers

Soon the time of the vote, for the pension reform, or 49.3. The question of the continuation of the social movement begins to arise, and the left of the left advances its answers. She held two meetings in Paris, Monday, March 13. One at the Labor Exchange, where some 500 people crowded. “The hour of truth is approaching for everyone”, commented the philosopher Frédéric Lordon. Including for the intersyndicale of which, he said, the “method was based on assumptions of democratic decency, all absolutely false”. All the speakers at the podium of this “network for the general strike”led in particular by the Trotskyists of Permanent Revolution, agreed: “We are too nice, the parades, the marches, the little songs and the choreographies, we have to stop”in the words of Jamel Abdelmoumni, of Solidaires Transdev.

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Neither referendum, nor dialogue between unions and government, nor pressure on Parliament, the proponents of the general strike showed their desire to no longer wait for instructions from the reformists and Laurent Berger, the general secretary of the CFDT. The latter is perceived by the former Trotskyist presidential candidate Anasse Kazib, as the “head of the bow” of the “union organizations that are silent”. “Let the traitors and those who are afraid knowhe added. The labor movement is still there. » And this, despite the difficulties encountered in the renewable strikes.

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The labor movement was also, but under other colors, at La Bellevilloise, where one of the currents of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) expressed itself, a year after the death of its figurehead, Alain Krivine. This last “often repeated that the revolution is to put back in place what works upside downlaunched at the podium Olivier Besancenot, former spokesperson for the NPA. Alain would have liked us to celebrate his memory by organizing a good old general strike, victorious, which goes all the way”.

” Initiate “

Mistrust vis-à-vis trade union leaderships is not the monopoly of the labor movement. On the side of the established left, La France insoumise (LFI) “stands entirely at the disposal of the popular union that is being set up”, according to the formula on Monday in a press release from management. Paradox for LFI, the“people’s union” what she calls for is the result of union unity more than of her political action. And relations between the management of the power plants and Jean-Luc Mélenchon remain bad. According Mediapartthe former presidential candidate reported, in an internal message loop, a “Martinez-Roussel-Berger line in connection with Macron”.

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