On the national holiday to lead the table | SN.at

On the national holiday to lead the table |  SN.at

2023-09-24 20:19:55

Against a very overwhelmed Vorarlberg team, Salzburg almost managed a 6-2 win and are ahead for the first time this year.

Rainer March, dirndls and lederhosen – something was fundamentally different this Sunday in Salzburg’s Volksgarten and the solution was obvious: on the state holiday of St. Rupert, many people ended Rupertikirtag in the ice stadium and were allowed to continue celebrating. In the 6-2 victory against the Vorarlberg Pioneers, the guests didn’t even try to be a party crasher.

What you have to give credit to the guests, who were overwhelmed in all respects: They didn’t try to hide in front of the goal, but instead tried to play along as far as they could. Although it wasn’t overly clever tactically, it gave the spectators an entertaining offensive spectacle. At the same time it was the duel between the two new national keepers, David Kickert in the Salzburg goal and David Madlener in the Vorarlberg team. Kickert looked much better, but that wasn’t difficult that day: Salzburg covered Madlener with a veritable hail of shots, 13 shots including three goals and two shots from the bar after the first 20 minutes.

After which everything had actually already worked out. It was up to Mario Huber to score Salzburg’s first power play goal of the season after seven minutes; he tipped an assist from Ali Wukovits past Madlener. In the end there were three power play goals, which particularly pleased coach David Oliver.

Then the first line began to work magic, and Madlener will remember that for a long time: Schneider on Raffl – 2:0, (12th), Schneider on Raffl in the power play – 3:0 (16th), Raffl on Schneider – 5:1 (49′), Raffl can’t get the disc past Madlener, so Schneider pokes it in – 6:1 (52′). How good for Madlener that he will be in the same squad as Schneider and Raffl at the next team camp. “Things are going pretty well in our block, we shouldn’t forget Nissner, who wins a lot of duels,” said Schneider afterwards. “The first line is currently moving forward and is giving us a lot of strength,” said Coach David, who surprised a team with a Saturday off after Friday’s away win in Hungary. “That worked well because we had really fresh legs.” You will need it, things will continue in Innsbruck on Tuesday.

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