On the Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano on September 20: The League’s minister Giorgetti lies once again on the Green pass: “Increase freedom”

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Fiber and 5g

War of the single network: everything stopped after Colao’s blitz

The Minister of Digital Transition, Vittorio Colao, in Cernobbio put it this way: “I leave the exciting debate on the single network, unique in Europe, to others. My job is to make sure that in Italy in 2026 fiber and 5G will arrive everywhere “. The former manager of Vodafone sins of modesty: that debate is fueled by his silence and […]

Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya: in the war it also loses the environment

On the morning of July 2, 2021, Afghan security forces discovered that, during the night, the US military had withdrawn from Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul, leaving behind mountains of ammunition, hospital waste, hundreds of trucks and armored vehicles, tons of plastic bottles, discarded military equipment […]

Pros & cons. The referendum on the Green pass

Pros The elites rule us with fear: sovereignty must now be given back to the people The last time I became interested in politics was 5 years ago (2016) during the debate for the reform of the Constitution, strongly desired by Matteo Renzi. It was a positive and, in many ways, exciting experience. Our Constitution was under […]

The interview – A play and an album

Amanda Lear. Incredible very serious. “Italian TV, what a horror”

The muse of Salvador Dalì, the model on the cover of the Roxy Music album, the hit of Tomorrow: hurricane Amanda Lear has managed to preserve over time her stainless image as a witty and ironic actress, singer and presenter, with her unmistakable and aristocratic aplomb but equally ready for unbridled declarations. Yet something different […]


Genius Bernardo: the kidnapped who asks for ransom from the kidnappers

There was a time of fog and guns when it was Renato Vallanzasca who phoned the relatives of the kidnapped from a telephone booth of Giambellino: “I want 10 billion and you will get the whole old one back. Otherwise I’ll send it back to you in pieces “. It was the Milan caliber nine of the great Scerbanenco, where it was the bad guys who blackmailed the good guys. […]

The comment

Tv: If it goes on like this, the new conticide does it by itself

If it is true that Rocco Casalino is back as TV coach of the 5 Star Movement and has decided that only Giuseppe Conte should speak on TV now, someone needs to talk to Rocco Casalino and maybe coach the 5 Star TV coach. Because it is good that he remains of the Movement of the beginnings […]

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Level News Cleansing Drugs, Irritable Intestines, Red Carpet Crosses, Sheep Vs. Cr7, Feline Escapes, Alcoholic Flower Beds, and Serial Bites

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