On the set of the new season of Sex and the City, romantic passions are in full swing

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth were seen in bed

Details of the plot of the new season of the famous series have been leaked to the Internet several times, but the authenticity of these fragments has not yet been confirmed. But doubts about Chris Noth’s participation in the project, who plays “The Man of Her Dreams,” were dispelled when the actor was seen on the set. Recently it became known that the heroes Parker and Nota have a romantic line.

“Like the old days,” – signed Chris Noth on his Instagram photo, in which he and Sarah-Jessica are captured in bed. Probably this photo was taken on the set, from which we can conclude that Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big, the main romantic couple of all seasons of the series, will try to improve relations again.

Filming for the sixth season of Sex and the City began this year and was accompanied by scandalous rumors about Kim Cattrall’s refusal to return to the role of Samantha. There was talk that Kim did not arrange the fee, and the relationship between Cattrol and Parker finally deteriorated.


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