They turn a video rap in the San Siro area in Milan, during which they damage some cars parked on the side of the road and, if you don’t pay, they lash out at the men of the police who rushed to the place after receiving numerous reports from residents.

The negative protagonists of the absurd affair, on which the authorities are still carrying out the necessary investigations to trace all the perpetrators, numerous young people aged between 16 and 20 years. They would have been around initially 300 kids marked in via Micene, inside the popular district of San Siro, around 5:30 pm. Screams and loud noises immediately attracted the attention of some residents, who allegedly witnessed real scenes of vandalism. Some of the troublemakers, in fact, began to jump on the roofs and hoods of the cars parked along Via Micene, thus damaging them heavily. All this, according to reports from the local authorities, would have been organized to act as a “background” to a music video of an unspecified rapper from the area, who would have gathered young people in the street.

Obviously all the commotion could not fail to attract the attention of the residents, who promptly contacted 112 to report what was happening. When the men of the weapon arrived at the indicated place, however, they were forced to request the sending of more reinforcements, given the large number of young people involved. Nonetheless, the arrival of the first gazelles was sufficient to disperse most of the group, which quickly moved away from Via Micene. Everything seemed to have returned to normal when, after a few minutes, new reports revealed that, in reality, the young vandals had simply moved en masse to Piazzale Selinunte, that is, a very short distance from the place where they had initially made an appointment.

When the carabinieri and agents of the Milan police headquarters rejoined them, this time some boys reacted badly, starting to hurl glass bottles, stones and sticks against cars and armored vehicles. Fortunately, in a short time the men of the police were able to disperse the troublemakers, even if, to succeed in their intent, they were forced to resort to the use of a tear gas canister. At the moment there are no injuries neither among the attackers nor among policemen and carabinieri. On the other hand, the name of the rapper who would have organized the meeting remains unknown, due to the fact that the investigations are still ongoing.

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