on the way home? Barcelona in danger of actual relegation from the Champions League Watch

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They did not expect that. Barcelona appointed former player Xavi as the team’s coach a few weeks ago in order to bring about a change in the team that started the season very badly. But from what we saw tonight (Tuesday) it seems that even the great Xavi can not help.

Watch the summary of the match between Barcelona and Benfica in the Champions League:

The coach arrived for his debut game on the lines in the Champions League and watched his team separate in a 0-0 home draw against Benfica. At the moment the Catalans are still in second place leading to the next stage but in the final round they will have to beat Bayern Munich away to advance to the next stage, all this is understandable to the extent that Benfica will beat the weak Dynamo Kiev at home.

Barcelona on the way home? Photo: Reuters

the progress of the game: In the first half Barcelona got into a number of twinkling situations but a big day of goalkeeper Benfica of Greece, Odysseus and Lhodimos, prevented them from taking the lead.

The highlight and controversy of the game came in the 35th minute when Benfica managed to astonish the Catalans with an advantage goal. Everton raised a corner kick that went to Nicholas Otmandi. The Argentine stopper sent a huge kick to the crossbar and inside, unfortunately Kwon sculpted the goal claiming that while raising the ball crossed the latitude.

In the second half the one who came into the game and woke the team was Osman Dembele who came back from injury but he also could not find the goal and finally the game ended in a 0-0 draw which is mainly bad for Barcelona.

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Barcelona on the way home? Photo: Reuters

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