On the way to escalation? The hesitation of the Ukrainians and the re-arrangement on the Russian side

After releasing Harson: A little more than 100 kilometers from the city, the Ukrainian army is considering its next options in the war, which include freeing more territories from Russian control. In addition, the Ukrainians are interested in cutting off the land area connecting the Russians to the territory of Crimea, which they occupied in 2014.

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Among other things, the Ukrainians are considering working to liberate the cities of Litopol, Vanrhodar and Zaporizhia, where the nuclear power plant is located. However, from the evidence on the ground, there is currently no indication of the accumulation of Ukrainian forces for the purpose of carrying out these operations.

Ukrainian citizens tearfully greet the soldiers after the liberation of Kherson from the Russian occupation (Reuters)

“It’s a military secret,” said a senior military official in Ukraine regarding the army’s plans, adding: “But I think that in a few days this secret will be revealed.” Meanwhile, the Ukrainian soldiers are in place and waiting for action, while the weather conditions are becoming more and more difficult every day.

Ukrainian military forces (Photo: Reuters)

Due to the weather, they have to deal with muddy conditions, along with the severe cold. They heat themselves using makeshift ovens.

Their main goal is to prevent the Russian forces from advancing north, towards the highway that connects Zaporizhia to the Donetsk region. But the main goal as stated has not changed, and is to return to their control other cities that were conquered by the Russians.

Russia, for its part, deployed about 30,000 soldiers on the eastern bank of the river in the Kherson region, according to various intelligence estimates. After its forces left Kherson, the Russians redistributed their forces in the area, increasing their presence in Zaporizhzhia.

Tanks of the Russian army on the outskirts of Kharkiv (Photo: REUTERS/Maksim Levin)Tanks of the Russian army on the outskirts of Kharkiv (Photo: REUTERS/Maksim Levin)

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