“On the way to representing you in the Knesset”: the dramatic announcement of the shadow

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Rapper and social activist “The Shadow” announced today (Thursday) in a post on his Facebook account a dramatic move he is about to make. “For the past week I have been trying to raise money for my disabled parents’ home after their home was taken from them by a cold-hearted and unjust justice system that found it appropriate to throw a cancer-stricken disabled person into the street with no trial and no solution,” he wrote.

“I turned to you and you supported me and my parents, you donated one shekel until we reached an amazing amount of one and a half million (before downloads) and I know it sounds gritty but I will do everything to bring them home so my dad can go through the chemotherapy quietly and without stress,” he added. So here’s my suggestion,
You will take me to a fundraising destination so that I can house them in a proper home and in the upcoming elections. Although I have said that I will never go into politics, I will do everything to be your representative in the Knesset of Israel. You will take care of my parents for the house, I will take care of the house of all of us as an MK. (In case there are no mishaps and we all know how much they will look for) “.

“You have to understand, my family are the most precious thing to me in the world and I will do everything for them. And after what you have done for me I want to give back to you hugely and my will is irrelevant at the moment,” he concluded.

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