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NAnd it’s official, Opel will be slaughtering the combustion engine in a few years. We want to quickly see what humanity will have to do without in the future, albeit only in Europe, because some things are only sorely missed when they are no longer there.

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The fine new mocha is already available with an electric motor as a foretaste. And still with a diesel engine with 110 hp and two petrol engines with a displacement of 1.2 liters, which can deliver either 100 hp or their 130 (96 kW) to the front wheels. We drove almost at the same time as the new battery-powered version, also the most powerful petrol variant in the sporty GS design, distinctive white with a black bonnet, which costs 300 euros alone, the devil knows why. With a few insignificant extras, this adds up to around 33,000 euros.

It’s worth it. The small three-cylinder with turbocharging and direct injection has to do without electrical assistance, which gives it a somewhat clumsy start-stop behavior, and the automatic system often chokes it at the wrong moment, so it is best to turn it off right away. Otherwise he does his job well. The engine sounds in a pleasant baritone and pulls strongly, but without highlights, the highest torque of 230 Nm is already at 1750 rpm, vibrations are kept within limits.

The fully adequate top speed of 200 km / h is reached quite quickly, but more than nine seconds for the sprint to 100 show that the Mokka GS is not quite as sporty as its robust chassis. The eight-speed automatic transmission has its share in this. It works gently and inconspicuously, but it takes its time. This stands in striking contrast to the abrupt use of power by the engine, which is why the Mocha sometimes tries to control traction on wet roads. In the Eco program, the compact crossover rolls a little tired, in Sport the gears are turned down so that we prefer to use the shift paddles.

The sporty Mokka GS comes with a few extras for 33,000 euros - it's worth it.

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Opel Mokka GS Line 1,2

On the way to the remaining stock

It also consumes gasoline, unfortunately not a little. According to the WLTP, it should be 5.4 to 6.6 liters, we needed about eight with a mostly brisk driving style, it will hardly be less than six. But there is (still) a gas station on almost every corner.



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