On trial: Will Ryan Giggs go to jail?

Tomorrow, Monday August 8, one of the most intriguing trials involving an athlete in the British Isles will begin. Ryan Giggs, one of the greatest Premier League players of all time, who won 13 championships in the Manchester United uniform, will stand trial on suspicion of violence and obsessive control over his ex-partner and her younger sister.

Quite a few rumors and reports have been surrounding Giggs’ behavior in recent years, when, among other things, he lost his job as Wales coach. So what is a Manchester United player actually accused of in the past?

Giggs, 48, is suspected of a string of charges, with all of the incidents allegedly occurring between August 2017 and November 2020. Giggs, who has denied all charges, is suspected of threatening his then-partner, Kate Greville, to send emails to her friends and colleagues at work with information about their sexual relations , by throwing her out of the house along with all her belongings when she raised suspicions about his relationships with other women, and it didn’t end there.

Giggs is suspected of real violence, when, among other things, it is alleged that he hit her on the back while they were in a hotel in London, and threw her out of the room when she was completely naked. In another charge it is alleged that on November 1, 2020, he hit her hard, and also attacked her younger sister, Emma. In addition, he was suspected of sending her threatening and obsessive messages when she asked to end their relationship.

The trial, which was postponed for more than a year due to various constraints of the court in Manchester, is expected to take place for about two weeks, maybe three. If found guilty, Giggs could find himself sent to prison for five years, the maximum sentence for such offences.


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