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time.news. They were great friends as girls. Then life separated them. The case once again crossed the destinies of two centenarians from time.news in the waiting room of the Pala Becci. Both were waiting to get the vaccine. It happened a few days ago. Both are 102 years old each, 204 years in two.

The “girls” of the last century got closer thanks to the complicity of the volunteers of the Val time.news Civil Protection, led by Antonio Romano who revealed the “beautiful story of a rediscovered friendship. They were once great friends, inseparable, always together, then, due to different life choices, they lost sight of each other ».
Marina Dolci, vice president of the association that intercepted the centenarians, says: «They were sitting opposite each other, arriving at the vaccination center almost at the same time. They looked at each other for a while from afar, they thought: that face is familiar to me. Then they realized they knew each other and started talking to each other. They made strength with each other “, reveal the volunteers of Val time.news,” it was a scene that will remain in our minds and hearts for a long time “. «We pamper our elderly», Dolci concludes, «we support them, we help them fill in the forms while they tell us about them. Afraid of the vaccine? Absolutely not. Indeed, it is them
that give us strength “. (c.co.)

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