One death, vaccine recipients 10,806 : Nattu Visesham

One death, vaccine recipients 10,806

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 10:44 PM IST

Pathanamthitta: 10,806 people have been vaccinated against rabies in the district this year. Accepted. Only the death of Abhirami (12) of Perunat was affected by the poison. Lam has reported.
Cases of death due to pea poisoning, including domestic animals, are also reported. Lam has been reporting more and more.
In 2021, 11,350 people received the vaccine. A death was also reported last year.
40 percent of humans are infected with rabies from domesticated dogs. Yes. Immunizations are done for adult dogs and cats. Missing. 38,000 vaccines given to farm animals this month Kiatai District Animal Protection Officer K. Jyotish Babu said. Plan to catch and vaccinate stray dogs to begin soon to A search has started at Niranam Duck Farm to capture the dog. 50 people are participating.
Dog must be euthanized to confirm flea infestation
A symptomatic dog may die if the flea infestation is persistent. erase The animal says that the only way is to save and replace the symptomatic dog. Defense Department officials say. This dog will die within a week if it is poisoned. If a dog dies in this manner, its body is poisoned by postmortem. Fixing the problem.

The facility for this is available at the veterinary laboratory at Thiruvalla. Collected fluid from the dog’s scalp reversed flea poisoning. Crying. This year in the lab at Thiruvalla Manjadi. The number of pe poisoning is higher than in previous years in the tests. I have cried.
Street dog-related attacks on the rise after Covid-19 There is also an animal welfare department. Dogs can be infected with fleas and become aggressive. It makes the situation worse. Protecting dogs from rabies by vaccination The way.
The people are from Pathanamthitta, Atoor and Thiruvalla Nagarabha districts. Attacks by dogs are more frequent. Walking dogs on footpaths and bus stands Incidents of attacks on Thracians were the most reported.
Kumbha, Ranni Perunad, Pallikal, Aranmula, Erath, Vadasherika Attacks by street dogs from Koipram and Omallur panchayats. Animals have also been injured in the fire. All these places are included in the hot spot list.


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