One hundred candles for Guzzi, the Italian excellence on two wheels – On March 15, 2021 Moto Guzzi celebrates its first and legendary 100 years. A century of history, of splendid motorcycles, of victories, of adventures, of extraordinary characters who have built the myth of Eagle logo.

Roberto Colaninno, president and CEO of the Piaggio Group, to which the well-known brand of Mandello del Lario, commented: “The hundred years of Moto Guzzi represent a moment of great pride for the Piaggio Group, of which the brand lariano has been part of the Italian industry since 2004, and for the whole industry, not just motorcycling. Ability to innovate, courage in being able to anticipate the times, competitive spirit, love for the product and meticulous attention to the quality of production are the talents that Moto Guzzi has been able to combine over the years with a unique relationship with its territory. From 1921 to today, every Moto Guzzi that has traveled the roads of the world was in fact born in the Mandello factory, right there where the story began exactly a century ago. And all this will continue into its second century of history as well. An all-Italian excellence “, concluded President Colaninno,” which he has done the history of our country without ever getting old and that continues to move the most authentic passion of thousands of Guzzi fans all over the world “.

Moto Guzzi “Goldfinch”

The symbol of the eagle with spread wings, the unmistakable emblem of Moto Guzzi, has its origins, as a note recalls, from the common militancy of the founders Carlo Guzzi e Giorgio Parodi in the Air Service of the Royal Navy during the first World War.

Just during the conflict the two friends, together with the pilot Giovanni Ravelli they decided to dedicate themselves, when the war was over, to the construction of motorcycles. Ravelli, however, could not fulfill his dream because he was the victim of an accident in 1919. Guzzi and Parodi chose the Eagle as a symbol also to remember their friend.

In its one hundred years, Moto Guzzi has signed victories on circuits all over the world, bringing the Italian flag up well 14 world titles. It was the bike that set speed records, a symbol of growth for a country looking to the future, it was the bike of the Police, the Army and extended this vocation. also abroad equipping the Californian police and, more recently, that of Berlin and many cities of Europe as well as the Guard of the king of Jordan.

Furthermore, Moto Guzzi is the bike of the Corazzieri, the elite corps accompanying the President of the Italian Republic.

Moto Guzzi has been, since its origins, the motorcycle of great journeys. It was 1928 when Giuseppe Guzzi reached the polar circle riding the GT “Norge” and that tradition continues with travelers who every day, and all over the world, set off on their Moto Guzzi for distant destinations. The ‘Guzzisti’ will be the protagonists of the WYD – Moto Guzzi World Days which, in Mandello del Lario from 9 to 12 September, will be the highlight of the celebrations in the centenary year, the biggest party for such a special birthday.



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