One in ten million, one of the rarest; Blue Cotton Candy Lobsters

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What different creations there are on this earth. Lots of amazing views. So a very rare shrimp is now in the net. Listen, Chumma did not say that it is rare. This is a very rare shrimp that can be described as one of the ten crore shrimps. This lobster is from Maine, USA. The lobster was acquired by Bill Coppersmith, an employee of Get Maine Lobster, a company contracted to catch shrimp in the Casco region. It was while fishing with his group that he came across a very large shrimp of bright blue color.

As soon as he got the lobster, Bill realized it was something special shrimp. At first glance, its appearance was very different. However, the bill did not think that this was an extraordinary shrimp in the tens of millions and that it would get so much news importance. The company officials themselves shared this information on social media after realizing that it was a rare shrimp. The information was then passed on to various scientific research centers. Blue shrimp are so rare that it is not clear how many such shrimps there are in the ocean. Therefore, the company described this lobster as one in ten crores.

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The blue lobster was named after his grandson, Haddy. Lobster is found not only in blue but also in orange and pink. But company officials say this is the first time a blue lobster has been caught in a net. These shrimps differ in color from normal because of changes in the composition of astaxanthin, which gives their skin its natural color. These blue lobsters are also known as cotton candy lobsters. The decision was made to safely transfer Haddy Lobster to a research firm called Sea Coast Science. If released back into the sea, there is a risk of being caught by predators. That is why such a decision was reached.

Stroy Highlights: Cotton Candy-Colored Lobster Is Very Rare Phenomenon

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