One of Putin’s most knowledgeable personalities confirms that he was sick with cancer

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One of Putin’s most knowledgeable personalities confirms that he was sick with cancer

American film director Oliver Stone, who “knows Vladimir Putin more than most Westerners”, revealed that the 69-year-old Russian president had previously suffered from cancer, and may have overcome it with treatment, according to an interview with the American-Russian specialist in computer science Lex. Fridman is also active in the field of artificial intelligence.

And we hear Oliver Stone, who won 3 Oscars, tell his interviewer Alex Friedman after 40 seconds of the video shown by “Al” below, excerpted from the 100-minute interview on the podcast: “Remember this. Mr. Putin had cancer, and he licked it.” An indication that he suffered from it, and had to protect himself from Covid-19 in an exaggerated way, because the virus is more dangerous for the sick than the healthy, so Stone concluded that Putin’s isolation from people and “normal activity” led to his misjudgment of the attack on Ukraine.

It is known that Stone, who did not specify the type of cancer that Putin suffered, conducted extensive interviews with him between 2015 and 2017, and got to know him closely, and many personal details from his life, but he did not address, in the interview with Friedman, to speculation that recently spread about the possibility of a disease Putin has Parkinson’s disease, stomach cancer or thyroid cancer, while an investigation conducted by independent Russian journalists found that he is always surrounded by a medical team led by a specialist in endocrine cancer.

“The Putin I knew”

The famous film director also said about the Russian president, “Putin, whom I know, and have not met for 3 years, has nothing to do with the crazy, irresponsible and murderous man whom the media compare today to Hitler and Stalin. The Putin I knew was rational and calm, and always acted in the interests of The Russian people, a true son of Russia and a patriot,” as he put it.

Christopher Steele, the director of the British Foreign Intelligence Service’s office in Moscow for the past three years, Christopher Steele, who spoke Saturday to British LBC radio, said that Putin “is losing his grip on power due to his ill health, leaving the Kremlin increasingly chaotic, and forced as the war continues in Ukraine.” to take regular breaks for medical treatment (..) and that a team of doctors always accompanies the president who has effectively made Moscow a capital without political leadership and effectively,” he said.

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