One of the world’s favorite games is back – and that’s what happened

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Gaming giant Rockstar Games, which is responsible for some of the most popular games in history, has had to take a series of increasingly stringent steps in the past two weeks to deal with one of the most embarrassing incidents ever to occur in the world of computer games.

Exactly 10 days ago Rockstar launched “GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition”, a package that includes remakes of three games from the “Grand Theft Auto” series – the 13th gaming brand in history in terms of revenue, with sales of almost $ 10 billion since the game’s launch The first in 1997, and sixth in the number of copies sold with more than 355 million. But shortly after launch it faced such harsh criticism that it has since had to take a series of dramatic steps to avoid a real crisis.

The games in question are GTA 3, which came out 20 years and a month ago; GTA: Vice City, released a year later; And GTA: San Andreas, which came out two more years later. Until the announcement of the launch of the innovations for these games, they could be purchased at game stores such as Steam, at prices of NIS 36.95 for the first two and NIS 55.95 for the last, and NIS 110.95 for a package originally launched in 2011 and including all three. However, immediately after the announcement of the launch of the innovations, that package was removed from all the stores, so that now only the new versions can be purchased, for more than double the price: NIS 239.

At such a price for games about 20 years old, one would expect an experience that combines nostalgia with modern graphics – but it soon became clear that this is not what the buyers got. Crowds have complained on social media that the graphics of the new versions are in some ways worse than the original versions. Thus, for example, rain in the new version almost completely blocks the possibility of seeing the game, cars and characters look smoother but with fewer facial features or details, and many glitches make the games much less “flowing” than the original.

The sheer amount of complaints caused Rockstar to take a drastic step on launch day, disabling the servers that allowed the games to be downloaded and used. A day later the servers came back, but the games did not, and after another two days the games came back too, but the company started a series of apologies that came this weekend to a long and really begging message on its website:

“We would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who has encountered problems while using these games,” the company wrote of what was described as “unforeseen technical issues that were released as part of the launch of ‘GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition’.” She went on to write that “the updated versions of these classic games were not launched in a condition that meets our quality requirements, or the requirements our fans have become accustomed to,” adding that “it hurts us to mention that we hear reports from troubled social media development team members. And matters surrounding this release as we work on (correcting) these issues. ”

The company has promised to release in the coming days (one of which has already been released in the last day) a series of updates to the renewed games, each of which will improve and fix the games a little more. At the moment, complaints about online games are continuing, and it seems that the company will have to deal with this crisis for some time to come.

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