Vijaya was the keynote speaker at the one year anniversary celebrations of the DMK regime in Aruppukottai.

A special public meeting was held on Sunday night in Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar district to mark the one year anniversary of the DMK rule.

The public meeting held at Nehru Maidan here was chaired by KKSSO Ramachandran, Minister of Revenue and Perid Management. Council Chairman Sundaralakshmi, Deputy Chairman Palanichamy, Union Committee Chairman Sasikala, former Council Chairman Sivaprakasam, former Union Committee Chairman Subbaraj, former Member of the Legislative Assembly K.M. Vijayakuma took the lead.

Then, the Ministry spoke: Accepting my request, Aruppukottai Government Hospital has been upgraded to District First General Hospital. Currently, work is underway on the completion of the new Tamiravaruni Joint Drinking Water Project, which will provide drinking water to the city every 2 days.

Following this, Pudukottai Vijaya, the Speaker of the Presidency spoke.

During the event, DMK City Secretary A.K. Mani, Union Secretaries Bonraj, Balaganesan and DMK Councils, City, Union Correspondents, Volunteers and many others were present.


‘தினமணி’ இணையப் பதிப்பு – சந்தா செலுத்த :
தினமணி டெலிகிராம் சேனலில் இணைய இங்கே கிளிக் செய்யவும்.


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