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It’s been a year since Diego Maradona left the field of remembrance. Maradona is still in the limelight in Malappuram, as if he had never seen a goal. That’s why a thousand fans are still saying …. you are in my heart, dear Diego …

The Maradona I imitated

Asif Zaheer

I was eight years old during the 1986 World Cup, when Maradona became the magician of football. The first World Cup I saw. There was no TV in the house or in the neighborhood that day. I remember walking to a house a short distance away to watch the game. What a brilliant display of the magic that Maradona performed on the field that day!

At that time, Maradona and his adoration were living in his heart. It was Maradona’s games that made me a good footballer. No other player has been as inspired as he is. He tried to imitate the legendary star in his lazy movement on the field and in his ball-touching style.

I had a fortune that no one else got in it. That’s what I consider to be one of the greatest achievements in football life. What a great honor for all the writers and fans to call Kerala’s Maradona, Malabar’s Maradona and Malappuram’s Maradona.

Maradona Fest

Malappuram ∙ Maradona Fest organized by MTM Arts Science and Commerce College, Veliankode. The fest kicks off on the 22nd with a film show, Maradona Trophy football match, drawing competition and quiz competition. The fair will conclude today with the final of the Maradona Trophy.

God of football, IM Vijayan

IM Vijayan with Maradona.
IM Vijayan with Maradona.

I always say that when asked who the king of football is, the answer is Pele. But when asked who the gods are, there is nothing but the name Maradona. He is the main reason I became an Argentine fan. After watching the amazing performances at the 1986 World Cup, another god was planted in my mind.

‘Maradona. There has never been another player in football who has attracted me more than him since then. Despite so much memorization, I never tried his style or style on the field. Maradona and the ball are like little children walking on their knees. Football itself is in a hurry to get back to him no matter how hard he tries. When Maradona arrived in Kerala years ago, the opportunity to play with him for a few moments was considered the greatest blessing of his life.

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Who are we to be worshiped by the whole world? Little did I know that when he hit the ball twice to each other, the old man thought he had played football. It came and hugged me in its joy. What more could you want than luck. We need to re-examine his sincerity towards football along with his playfulness. A cake was prepared for his event in Kerala. The cake looked like a football sitting in the middle of the field.

So he refused to cut the cake. He cut a small piece of the very outer edge of the cake without touching the pitch or football. One year after Maradona’s departure, memories of him still linger in 1986. Maradona is planning a trip to Argentina, his hometown, with Bobby Chemmanoor. It will happen soon.

Maradona Cup football today

Malappuram: Those who were the shining stars of Kerala football during the heyday of Maradona in world football will once again tie their boots today in memory of their beloved star. The morning ride is a different kind of souvenir. Former players of Kerala Police and Malappuram district team will be changed for the Maradona Cup today. The match will be played at 7 pm at Club One Turf in Kottapadi.


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