OnePlus 11 5G launching in India today | OnePlus 11 Launching Today, How To Watch Live Streaming Event?

OnePlus 11 5G launch: OnePlus is all set to launch its most powerful smartphone today, dubbed the OnePlus 11 5G. It was launched in China in January and is now being launched globally today. The event is called Cloud 11 and the launch event will be held today, February 7 at 7:30 PM. Apart from this, the company will also launch new TWS earbuds and a new Q-series TV at the event. Along with this, a tablet, OnePlus Pad and a mechanical keyboard will also be announced at the event.



How to Watch Streaming Event Live

This grand Cloud 11 event will be streamed live on OnePlus’ global and Indian social media accounts. That means you can watch live on YouTube and Twitter. After that the products will be released officially.

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OnePlus 11 5G and OnePlus 11R 5G

Now talking about the features, this is the company’s first Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship phone. And OnePlus 11R 5G will be powered by Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset. Both will support 120Hz AMOLED display with curved edge. The OnePlus 11 5G will have a camera cutout on the left corner of the screen, while the OnePlus 11R 5G will have a punch hole in the middle. Also, both these phones can get up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage. On the other hand, talking about the battery, a 5000mAh battery is available with 100W fast charging. These phones run on Android 13 operating system.

OnePlus 11 5G and OnePlus 11R 5G camera and price

The front camera of the OnePlus 11 5G and OnePlus 11R 5G will be the same, meaning it will get a 16MP sensor and a 50-megapixel Sony IMX890 primary camera. The OnePlus 11 5G will get a 48MP ultra-wide and 32MP telephoto camera. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 11R 5G will get an 8MP ultra-wide and a 2MP macro snapper lens. Talking about the price, OnePlus 11 5G is said to be priced around Rs 55,000 and OnePlus 11R 5G is expected to be priced around Rs 45,000.

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