ONF proposed to introduce criminal punishment for the substitution of telephone numbers

The All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) sent a letter to Maksut Shadayev, the head of the Ministry of Tsifra, in which he proposed to introduce criminal liability for organizing a service for the substitution of telephone numbers and the substitution process itself. This was reported by the Kommersant newspaper with reference to the text of the letter.

The ministry told the publication that they had not yet received a letter from the ONF, but noted that three concepts of the system for dealing with calls from spoofed numbers are now “in varying degrees of readiness”.

The Central Bank was in favor of similar amendments to the legislation. In the first quarter of this year, the Central Bank identified 6100 numbers from which fraudsters called. This is 38% more than the same period last year.

In March, Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which numbers used on the territory of a pre-trial detention center or correctional institution must be blocked.

The law should have introduced a mechanism for turning off illegally used mobile communications in places of detention, since convicts in correctional institutions, as well as suspects and accused in pre-trial detention centers, are not allowed to have communication means. An attempt to deliver mobile devices to such institutions is subject to administrative liability. Operators are obliged to stop providing services by numbers that are used by convicts in prisons, but only upon receipt of a written decision from the head, deputy head of the Federal Penitentiary Service or the head of the territorial body of the Federal Penitentiary Service.

“However, both the Interior Ministry and cybersecurity experts say that most of these calls are made not from places of detention, but from the former Soviet republics using IP telephony. These technologies allow attackers to change the number from which a call is made, which allows them to mislead citizens, “- Evgenia Lazareva, head of the All-Russia People’s Front Project” For the Rights of Borrowers “, explained to the publication.



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