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A traveling stage where performances in different languages ​​will take place, but with a single voice, that of the Comedy. The homage that 12 cities of the world pay to Dante, on the 700th anniversary of his death, a literary relay race for a virtual and global audience. With the poet to act as a bridge between different cultures and eras. It is about Dante in the world, an online marathon that will take place between Sunday 21 March, World Poetry Day, and Thursday 25 March, the first edition of Danted.

It was created by the Center for books and reading (Cepell) with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Cooperation and the Ministry of Culture (one of the events of the series of initiatives of the two ministries dedicated to the poet), in collaboration with the Corriere della Sera Foundation and the Reading and curated by the Italian Cultural Institutes of Berlin, Munich, London, Madrid, Rabat, Tunis, Moscow, Warsaw, Istanbul, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco. The initiative is part of the program Dante 700 in the world of the Farnesina, which involves the network of Representations abroad, and received the patronage of the National Committee for the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri.

The project Dante in the world a digital literary relay of 12 first visions that will go online on and on the websites and social profiles of Cepell and of the Italian Cultural Institutes. Readings, performances, comments and analysis of steps of the Comedy will be read or interpreted by local actors and prominent figures, in different languages ​​(German, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Polish, French, Turkish and Portuguese) according to the stage of the Institute involved (subtitles in Italian; each meeting accompanied from a presentation by the director of reference). The videos will be published on a daily basis (two a day; at 11 and 18); while on the final day of the Danted four will be broadcast (hours: 10, 12, 15 and 18).

The program of Dante in the world will be presented on Tuesday 16 March at 6 pm in live streaming from the Buzzati Room of the Corriere Foundation (visible on e and on their respective Facebook pages). Among those present, the director of the Center for books and reading, Angelo Piero Cappello; the president of Cepell, Marino Sinibaldi, will send the introductory greetings. During this meeting some extracts of the readings of the Institutes involved will be previewed; with a final video by Fabrizio Gifuni reading verses from the XXVI Canto dell ‘Inferno (already screened last year by Cepell and Il Maggio dei Libri).

The 12 video readings will begin in Germany: Sunday 21 in Berlin at the center the Dantesque museAdmiral Beatrice; readings from Paradiso and from Purgatory) I will lie to Monaco if I continue with Florence on the Isar: a reading of Canto XXVI with an in-depth study on the relations between Dante, Florence and the capital of Bavaria. On the 22nd it will be the turn of Dante@700: A Journey Without End, London’s homage to Canto V of theInferno, while in Madrid the topic will be studied in depth Dante’s hugs in Comedy, those denied, expected, realized or never completed, each with its own meaning.

The Purgatory then in the center of What path will we take?, meeting of 23 in Rabat, where topics such as the passage of time and the soul will be discussed; in Tunis we will focus on the figure of Virgil and the mythical relations that bind him to Tunisia, Carthage in particular (Virgil, Duke of Dante). Then on March 24 it will be Moscow (Dante’s Purgatory: a Russian reading) and in Warsaw, where the Poet’s fortune in Poland and the reception of Canto V of theInferno.

On the day of Danted (March 25), the last of the marathon, four closing events: in Istanbul, where literature meets music in Dante700. In Jazz@Istanbul (a reading fromInferno with jazz concert and original music); in Paris, where it will be staged A trip to Paradise, starting from Canto I; in Rio de Janeiro, for an analysis of Dante’s influence on Brazilian writers (Divine human geometry) and, finally, Alighieri will go At the gates of a new world: Dante in North America, where in San Francisco his figure will be highlighted as a source of inspiration in the struggle towards social justice and equality among peoples.

The meeting Tuesday 16 to 18 in streaming

The program of the literary relay Dante in the world (21-25 March) it will be presented on Tuesday 16 March at 6 pm in live streaming from the Sala Buzzati of the Corriere della Sera Foundation. The appointment will be visible on the websites of the Courier and the Foundation ( e and on their respective Facebook pages. Speakers: Angelo Piero Cappello, director of the Center for books and reading (Cepell) and Antonio Troiano, head of the Cultura del Corriere and de la Lettura editorial staff. With introductory greetings by Marino Sinibaldi, president of Cepell, and speeches by the following directors of the Italian Cultural Institutes: Maria Carolina Foi (Berlin), Maria Vittoria Longhi (Tunis), Salvatore Schirmo (Istanbul). The directors will offer an overview of Dante’s perception in their countries and the initiatives that celebrate his anniversary. A video will be shown with readings by Fabrizio Gifuni taken from some verses of the XXVI Canto dell ‘Inferno.

In the name of Alighieri: the directors on the pitch

The representatives of the Italian Cultural Institutes who oversaw the global literary marathon Dante in the world (scheduled from 21 to 25 March) are: Carmela Callea, director of the Rabat Institute; Sandro Cappelli, officer of the Paris Institute; Anna Maria Di Giorgio, director of San Francisco; Maria Carolina Foi, director in Berlin; Maria Vittoria Longhi, director in Tunis; Maria Luisa Pappalardo, director in Madrid, Katia Pizzi, director in London; Laura Ranalli, interim regent of the Warsaw Institute; Livia Raponi, director of Rio de Janeiro; the directors Daniela Rizzi, in Moscow; Salvatore Schirmo, in Istanbul; Francesco Ziosi, in Munich. They will hold the presentation of the video readings themselves.

Danted, the anniversary book

On the occasion of the first edition of Danted (March 25) and the 700 anniversary of the death of Alighieri, in the bookshop Danted. Contemporary visions of the poet (115 pages, € 15), published by the Corriere della Sera Foundation and by la Lettura, edited by the Culture Department of the Corriere. The volume created with the contribution of well-known visual designers who created 25 Postcards for Dante (project conceived by Franco Achilli) and the art director of the Corriere, Bruno Delfino. With texts by Franco Achilli, Alberto Casadei, Paolo Di Stefano and Arturo Carlo Quintavalle. The volume that can be purchased in the Libraries. Coop. A special also dedicated to Danted on

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