Only for the princess; This Ford car is up for auction

Princess Diana’s very special car is up for auction. Fans are ready to pay a huge amount to own it


Trivandrum, First Published Aug 13, 2022, 2:27 PM IST

LoBritish Princess Diana was a very popular person. They are celebrated both during life and after death. Diana, a member of the royal family holding the hand of British Prince Charles, and her jewels and her favorite cars, are all loved by the world even today. Years after leaving this world, Diana’s love for cars is still the talk of the town. Many people buy Diana’s cars at auctions by paying huge prices. Fans of Diana are in for a chance to own the best car in their collection. The Ford Escort RS2 Turbo will be up for auction on August 27.

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Diana’s Ford Escort RS2 Turbo is a very special vehicle. Diana and Charles were married in 1981. A month before the wedding, Prince Charles gave her a silver Ford Escort Ghia sedan as a gift. But the car only had 79 bhp, so Diana approached Ford to make a convertible version of the car. What they got was a bright red car.

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The British Royal’s security team pointed out that Diana traveling in a bright red car could pose a security threat. It became news even at the head of the British royal family. Then it was decided that Princess Diana would be given one of the rarest versions of the Ford Escort, the Ford Escort RS2 Turbo. But the Ford car is made in white color. The company made it in blue to Diana’s liking. The Princess was given 3 blue Ford Escort RS2 Turbo. It includes many security settings. This Ford Escort RS2 Turbo is powered by Ford’s 1.6L turbocharged petrol engine. The car will be auctioned at the prestigious Silverstone. This rare collection car can be acquired for millions of dollars.

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