only one technician can be fired per season

in photo: Guto Ferreira, allenatore del Ceará

The goal is to save resources, already depleted by the pandemic, but the resolution passed by the Brazilian Football Association introduces an extraordinary novelty: starting from the next championship (scheduled for May 29), each club will have the possibility to exempt only one coach per season. And if the club is not happy even with the work of the substitute coach, it must resign itself: it can recall the previous coach still under contract to the bench (provided he has not resigned and freed himself from all constraints) or entrust the leadership of the team to a other card holder. On one condition, however: that he has been an employee of the club for at least 6 months and has all the requirements to fill the position. Basically the choice can fall on the second technician or the youth teams.

What would happen if such a rule were also valid in Serie A? Just take a look at the list of layoffs that took place this year. The most fitting example is Fiorentina: after Cesare Prandelli’s farewell, they called Beppe Iachini. But it could be the same for Parma (if he decided to trust Liverani again after having preferred D’Aversa), Turin, Cagliari, Crotone and Genoa who in this championship have relieved Giampaolo, Di Francesco, Stroppa and Ballardini.

Renato Portaluppi, Gremio coach
in photo: Renato Portaluppi, Gremio coach

Why did the Brazilian Federation take such a decision? Officially, according to the words of the president, Rogério Caboclo, the new rule will serve to build “longer and more solid partnerships” but in reality the intent is (also) to put a stop to budgetary expenses due to the constant changes of coach that have characterized the last championship. There were 27 exemptions in the year of the tournament that crowned Flamengo as the winner of the title with 3 technicians defined as ‘white flies’ for being able to stay in the saddle without suffering shocks: Jorge Sampaoli at Atletico Mineiro (today in Marseille), Guto Ferreira al Ceará di Fortaleza, Renato Portaluppi al Grêmio di Porto Alegre.

Will it be enough to make the difference? The field will say so even if at the moment the only proof is an exception: that is the reigning champion Flamengo won relying on 4 different coaches (Torrent, Guerrero, Gris and Ceni).


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