Open a criminal investigation into material leaks in Case 1000

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File 1000: Benjamin Netanyahu’s lawyers appealed to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to open an investigation into the leaks of the investigation materials. The appeal was made after the publication of “Fact” presenter Ilana Dayan in News 12 about the new testimony given by Hadas Klein, who served as Arnon Milchen’s personal assistant, regarding a valuable bracelet that Sarah Netanyahu claims she received from businessman James Packer.

The report in question included a photocopy of an invoice from the BUCCELLATI business for the bracelet that was allegedly given as a gift to Netanyahu.

“Klein also repeated this in an interrogation dated November 15, 2021, so she claimed to have kept the invoice in a sealed envelope in a file she had in her home,” defense attorneys Amit Hadad and Noa Milstein noted in their letter. 12, At a time when the investigation materials from the completion of the investigation are in the hands of the accuser only, journalist Ilana Dayan published details from the completion of the investigation and presented the exact same invoice. “

A photocopy of the invoice as presented in News Edition 12, Photo: From Netanyahu’s defense attorney’s letter to the ombudsman

Defense attorneys point out that a photocopy of the invoice presented on News 12 contained the caption “gift guest,” which also appears on the invoice that Klein said was placed in a sealed envelope.

“This is the same invoice kept, according to Klein, in a sealed envelope for years and delivered by Klein to investigators on October 24, 2021. In these circumstances, when the original invoice was delivered by Klein in a sealed envelope to police investigators, and from the time the leaked invoice was sent.” “There is a significant indication that the person who leaked the invoice to journalist Dayan is a source in the accusation,” Netanyahu’s defense attorneys noted.

“To this must be added the memorandum of Corporal Danny Yoffe from November 15, 2021,” Netanyahu’s lawyers wrote to Mandelblit. To be removed from the restraining order and that ‘it is expected that there will be widespread publicity in the media’.

“On November 19, 2021, journalist Guy Peleg published in Channel 12 ‘Ulpan Shishi’ excerpts that are predicted to be from an internal hearing held at the State Attorney’s Office. Amit Isman, who believes that the case should be reopened. The person who supports Isman’s opinion is the Tel Aviv District Attorney for Taxation and Economics, Yoni Tadmor, who said at a meeting held on the subject that “bracelets here are a prison.” On the other hand, the decision has additional considerations that senior members of the legal system take into account. First, reopening the case will result in a significant delay in the trial – half a year or more. Furthermore, investigators will have to complete an investigation in another country, which involves considerable effort. That is why there is a real dilemma here and there. “

Defense attorneys noted: “It can be seen that Peleg reports, and even quotes, things that were allegedly said at internal meetings held at the Ministry of Justice. As far as has been said, this is a serious leak, which severely infringes on our client’s right to a fair trial. Since this is an internal dialogue between senior prosecutors, it is clear that this leak came from the ranks of the accuser.

“The evidence we have presented above only reinforces the probable conclusion that the person who leaked the details about the completion of the investigation was a factor in the accusation. Moreover, the inability to handle the leaks so far has led to another leak last Friday.”

In light of what the defense attorneys presented, they asked Mandelblit to order the immediate opening of an investigation to locate the leaks regarding the two reports mentioned in their letter.


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