Open-es, the digital platform for sustainable development, is online – From today, Open-es comes to life, the new digital platform dedicated to sustainability in industrial supply chains and open to all companies involved in the energy transition process. The platform, announced last December and the result of the partnership tra Eni, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) e Google Cloud, today sees the achievement of a first important milestone thanks to the online launch of the platform.

The platform, available on the website, will be a platform open to all companies that want to play a leading role in the growth of the industrial ecosystem on the dimensions of sustainability, in Italy and in the world. A community in which the entire business ecosystem joins a collaborative and non-competitive process for common growth on the four pillars of sustainability, fundamental for our present and future: the Planet, People, Economic Prosperity and Corporate Governance Principles.

The ESG data model of Open-es, in fact, will be based on the core metrics defined in the WEF’s “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics” initiative and which, with a simple and flexible approach, will allow all companies, from SMEs to big players, to to measure oneself in a path of growth and development on the values ​​of sustainability, towards a widespread awareness of the entire value chain.

Thanks to this initiative, the synergy between transition towards decarbonisation and digital transformation objectives is fully realized, allowing to enhance the experiences and best practices of sustainability along the entire industrial chain. In line with the role that Eni intends to have as a leading company in the energy transition process, the company has decided to enhance its industrial experience and the sustainable development path undertaken for some time by making them available to the entire energy supply chain and other sectors. industrial companies in order to promote the development of a virtuous ecosystem.

“We are very keen on this operation – commented Eni’s CEO, Claudio Descalzi – as it represents a new important step towards creating a strong synergy in the business system. with respect to achieving climate goals. Eni promotes this tool, sharing its experience and know-how in all areas of sustainability, but the goal is that this can become an inclusive system for the largest possible number of companies, a place for everyone, at aim to carry out a common path of continuous operational and technological improvement in the sustainability of the industry “.

The platform will facilitate the development of a real transversal community, also aimed at other leading companies in different industrial sectors that want to promote sustainable development of the entire ecosystem, through a distinctive approach in which the data sharing component is accompanied by a particular focus on the issue of growth and improvement of companies, through a concrete model, easy to use and suitable for all situations. To date, about 1000 companies have already joined this community, among the first Eni suppliers who have joined the pre-registration phase. Other “sector leaders” of primary industrial sectors are joining Open-es, involving their suppliers and production chains.

Through Open-es, community participants will be able to: measure their sustainability performance and compare themselves with industry benchmarks through a guided path; acquire awareness of their strengths and areas for improvement on the various ESG dimensions, in order to build a development path, suggestions and solutions that will help them fill gaps and enhance their strengths; involve its suppliers, inviting them to join Open-es, thus improving sustainable procurement processes and accessing statistics, detailed analyzes and collaboration tools with the supply chain; access a collaboration area where you can share experiences, give visibility to your best practices in environmental, social and economic sustainability and ask and offer support.

The platform will feature an evolutionary path that, also thanks to user feedback, will increasingly enrich the functions of Open-es. In order to promote the spread of a culture of sustainability, Rina and Techedge Group also joined the spirit of the initiative by making their excellent skills available and playing a fundamental role in the validation of data and the evolution of the platform, to guarantee its reliability and scalability. As with Just (Join Us in a Sustainable Transition), Eni’s program for involving its suppliers in the energy transition process, Open-es will become a concrete tool for Sustainable Procurement for other companies, promoting open and inclusive processes, so that entire ecosystem of energy companies can contribute to the development of a better future for the planet and for the new generations.



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